Partnership with ErgoFit Offers New Way to Improve Employee Well-Being

51ba7a5ddbd0cb034600054b._w.540_s.fit_Employees who de-stress together, work better together.

We know this for a fact — the combined symptoms of stress cost business $200 billion a year due to decreased productivity and increased health and medical expenses. On the other hand, when employees are healthy and stress-free, they’re more productive, feel happier, and have more energy.

So, how do you decrease workplace stress? It can be as easy as a 15-minute massage.

At Dreamclinic, we understand the importance of a healthy team in any organization, from a small, local business to a Fortune 500. That’s why we offer a range of Dreamlinic Workplace Massage services to enhance company wellness, including onsite chair massage or clothed table massage, on a recurring basis or for one-time events.

And now, we’re offering one more easy way to stay healthy at work, thanks to a new partnership with ErgoFit.

ErgoFit provides expert ergonomic consultations and assessments in offices, laboratories, and industrial workplaces. Services range from workstation evaluations to providing employee education about office well-being to design consultations during construction projects. ErgoFit has worked with companies like Facebook, Safeway, Woodland Park Zoo, and other clients around the world.

This new partnership is an added benefit of our workplace massage services and gives our customers yet another way to de-stress at work. Just like massage, the correct ergonomic setup at the workplace can increase productivity, help employees feel better, and save companies money.

The ErgoFit team is committed to advancing workplace productivity so clients can have healthy and vibrant businesses. Founded by Deborah Read, an occupational therapist with over 25 years of fitness training experience, ErgoFit’s services provide immediate relief and help prevent long-term injuries.

“A true professional, Deborah is passionate about safety in the workplace. Her assessment and product recommendations were timely and cost-effective, her manner upbeat and positive. Deborah’s occupational therapy perspective ensures business owners focus on the proactive goal of injury prevention, ” said ErgoFit client, Kathryn Barrett, president at Aging Matters LLC.

We’re very excited about this new partnership — our workplace massage services combined with the expertise of ergonomic consultants at ErgoFit makes Dreamclinic the go-to place for total wellness. Massage is already a great way to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, while also treating aches and pains that are associated with repetitive work. And now, being able to refer clients to an ergonomics consultant offers even more solutions to alleviate common workplace injuries.

To learn more about what Dreamclinic Workplace Massage and ErgoFit have to offer, contact us.

How to Create a Stress-Free Workspace

548a04dbb0ae2_-_rby-desk-03-makeover-after-s2“Stress-free” is usually not the first thing that pops into our mind when we think about our workplace. Long meetings, hard deadlines, and dozens of distractions make work feel like, well, work.

As a result, we become more stressed. And as our stress levels increase, our productivity falls lower and lower, which only stresses us out even more! This vicious cycle can seem unavoidable, but in actuality, a few small changes to your workplace can make a profound difference on your attitude and stress levels while in the office.

Here are some 5 easy, DIY tips to create a stress-free workspace:

  • Personalize your space. Decorate your desk, with favorite pictures or mementos. This way, you’ll feel less like you’re at the office and more like you’re at home (or at least, in a space that feels like yours).
  • Organize. A messy desk is the number one cause of workplace stress. Start by keeping small garbage and recycling cans underneath your desk, so that it’s easy to get rid of trash and unwanted papers on a regular basis. Figure out which items you use most often, and sort them so that they are easily accessible. Make sure that you minimize the amount of papers out on your desk, because visual clutter can cause clutter in your brain, making it harder to focus.
  • Take five. It’s important to give your brain mental breaks, especially when working on something stressful and complicated. Short breaks between 1-5 minutes are incredibly helpful for reducing stress, and the aches and pains you may feel from long hours at a desk. Studies have shown that taking just one break, for less than five minutes, improves mental sharpness by an average of 13%, and that regular breaks of two minutes increase productivity by 11.15%.
  • Become one with nature. Add some plants to your office space, like a succulent or a houseplant. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, working in an environment with plants has been proven to lower stress, and decrease noise, room temperature, and humidity, ultimately creating a calming and cool space.
  • Make sure to stretch. It’s important to get regular exercise outside of work, but during the workday, you should also do small exercises to reduce your fatigue and stiffness. Oftentimes, we subconsciously tense our bodies when we’re stressed, so working out our knots is an important part of staying healthy. Try standing and stretching your arms over your head, resting your eyes on something calming, stretching your fingers, and slowly rotating or massaging your temples, neck, and forearms.

It’s no surprise that most people think of the workplace as a stressful environment. Our bodies are not made to be stationary for long periods of time, and stacks of clutter only add to our stress levels. In order to keep a positive mindset, it is incredibly important to listen to your body. Make your office space clean and let it reflect your personality, and you’ll be on track to a healthy and stress-free workday.

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Eliminate Common Aches and Pains From Sitting at a Desk

DIY Ways to Eliminate Common Aches and Pains From Sitting at a Desk, original blog article by Dreamclinic Massage and Acupuncture Seattle, Redmond, BellevueWe’ve all seen the headlines: “Sitting Will Kill You, Even When You Exercise” (that is an actual headline from CNN). Then, two months later, another report comes out saying that standing at work all day is bad for your body and health, too.

Regardless of which one is actually true, the truth is that most of us have desk jobs, where we sit down the majority of the day. And even if sitting doesn’t end up killing us, pains From Sitting at a Desk can leave us stiff and uncomfortable.

Luckily, your achy back, sore neck, and popping joints are probably due to your chair and desk setup at work, which is very easy to fix.

So, instead of an expensive visit to the chiropractor to soothe those aches and pains from your desk job, try these easy tips to feel your best:


Customize your seating. Adjust your office chair so that it is slightly tilted back and comfortably supports your spine. This will help relieve lower back pain. Make sure your feet are planted flat on the ground and that your hands can comfortably reach the mouse and keyboard (you’re not hunching over the desk).

Take a walk. Moving around will help get your blood moving and prevent joint stiffness. Small breaks are also good for your brain, and can lead to increased creativity, better focus, and increased efficiency. Take a 20-minute walk during lunch and try to get up and move every hour if you can.

Try standing. Sometimes a change of perspective is all that’s needed. Standing at your desk engages muscles that you do not use while sitting, and gives your neck and lower back a break. To see if standing is right for you, try it for an hour or two and then go back to sitting.

Wear comfortable shoes. Even if you’re sitting, high or uncomfortable shoes can affect your posture and strain your joints. Comfortable shoes are especially important if you plan on standing at your desk. Look for good arch support and add an insert for extra support if needed.

Stretch regularly. Neck and shoulder rotations are especially helpful for office pain, and can be done anywhere and any time.

  • To stretch your back, plant your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly rotate your shoulders, breathing normally and shrugging them up and down every once in a while. Afterwards, cross one arm across your chest and pull gently on that elbow with your other arm. Repeat with the other arm.
  • To stretch your neck, sit up straight and slowly look over your left and right shoulders. Tilt your head back until you feel your chin muscles go taught, and tilt your head forwards with your chin towards your chest. Then, slowly roll your head in a large circle and repeat in the opposite direction.
  • To stretch your wrist, turn your hands palms up and place them on the edge of a table, with the insides of your arms facing away from you. You can also individually bend each finger towards the back of your hand to work additional cricks.
  • Invite a massage therapist into the office. This is a great office activity to boost morale. Invite a massage therapist once a month or once a quarter to the office to give massages and also to educate employees about health and wellness. Your colleagues will thank you!


Despite the media’s claims that sitting at your desk will lead to your death, it’s all about finding the right desk setup for you and your body. And that will look different for everyone. Try new things, like standing for an hour or going on a walk. Stretch at the office and when you get home. And, don’t believe everything you read in the news.