Dreamclinic Enthusiast Massage Membership

Take Charge of Your Well-being

Massage Membership

It’s good to feel good!

The Enthusiast Massage Membership fits you if you are enthusiastic about healthy living and being at your best. You love how you feel after a truly therapeutic massage – lower stress, happier body, better mood – and you are ready to feel that way all the time (or at least more of the time) with the help of a regular monthly massage. You realize that when you feel better, life just gets a little sweeter and you have more fun with everyone around you!

We, Dreamclinic folk, are jazzed whenever we can help others feel better. Since 2003, we have provided our clients with the highest quality of massage therapy available. Now we have created the Enthusiast Massage Membership for you as a way to offer you convenience and our best pricing, without the up-front expense of a massage package. Click here to join or view Terms of Service.

Incorporate regular massage into your routine

The Mayo clinic says, “Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being.” Massage is beneficial for reducing stress, muscle pain and tension and can be helpful for anxiety, headaches, insomnia, sports injuries, and many other conditions. Massage enhances sports performance, helps you stay limber as you age and can help get you through emotionally challenging times because it produces feelings of comfort and soothing. There are many reasons to include massage in your overall well-being routine. Click here to join.

No gotchas… just savings and convenience

When you have an Enthusiast Massage membership, your $99 monthly fee entitles you to a 1 hour massage and member savings on any additional sessions. Unused sessions roll-over to next month or they can be easily shared with friends and family. There are no activation fees and no long-term contracts; you can opt out any time with thirty days’ notice. View Enthusiast Program Terms of Service.

In-Home Massage Membership – we come to you!

We now offer In-Home appointments for those with time constraints or needing extra safety. Receive the same deeply caring, highly-skilled  brand of service you have come to trust from Dreamclinic, now conveniently in your home. Learn more. 

“And while you remain an Enthusiast member Enjoy your well-being and also remember That life’s but our choices and things that we do. Massage at Dreamclinic is waiting for you.”

~ Larisa Goldin, C.E.D. (Chief Executive Dreamer)

Enthusiast Membership Benefits

Monthly Massage

One 60-minute regular massage session issued per month

Month to Month Plan

$99 monthly fee. There are no obligations, no long-term contracts; you can opt out with 30 days notice

Unlimited Sharing

Share unused Enthusiast sessions with friends or family for a $10 transfer fee per session

Convenient Locations

Member rates at any of our primary Dreamclinic Puget Sound clinics

Additional Savings

Low Enthusiast member rates on any additional massage sessions and other wellness services

Sessions Carry Over

Unused sessions roll over so long as you are an active Enthusiast member

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Be Treated Like Royalty

Complimentary yoga classes and other member exclusives coming soon

What Clients Are Saying

I go 3 times a month (out of pocket) and it’s worth every penny. I’m in my 70s but since working with Laura, I honestly feel like I’m in my 40s again. I’m still working full time and I rely on massage to help keep me limber and pain free. Laura is by far the best massage therapist I’ve ever worked with.

~ Pat M.

Erin, did a great job on my shoulder, the pain I had experienced for a month is completely gone after my session this past Sunday. Thank you so much.

~ Yvonne D.

Therapist was AMAZING. I can move my L hip with ease, which hasn’t happened in YEARS.

~ Mandy C.

Erika has the hands of a goddess and top notch professionalism! She was patient, checked in multiple times to make sure pressure was just right. Erika also gave me some great tips on stretches that could help improve problem areas. Best massage experience ever!

~ Mara C.

An amazing experience from start to finish. These kind professionals have created a place and services that are designed for improving and promoting well-being.

~ Maryrose E.

I have been coming to Dreamclinic a long time. I know I will have a great massage no matter who I see there.

~ Jill T.

I have been going to Dreamclinic for at least 4 years now and have never had a bad experience. =D Keep up the good work!

~ Jessica S.

An excellent massage with Drew which was both very relaxing as well as restorative. I feel so fortunate to have so many great massage therapists to choose from at Dreamclinic.

~ Karen B.

The clinic feels like an accepting, positive place. Wonderful massage! Preston was courteous and really cared about making the massage a good experience… and he even gave me stretches for in between massages. I also loved that there was really good tea in the waiting room. It was a all around great experience.

~ Alisa C.

The therapist was amazing, she was an expert level clinician and I received a massage that exceeded my expectations.

~ Lori H.

Oct 2019 – Dreamclinic is honored to be included on both the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Privately-held companies and the PSBJ List of 100 Fastest Growing businesses for the fourth time in five years.  We couldn’t have done it without our awesome clients!.