Massage Events

Dreamclinic provides clothed table or chair Massage – $116 per hour per therapist. Minimum duration time is 4 hours.

*You are only billed for actual massage time.

*An event coordination fee of $150 and gratuity is applied to all events.

Recurring Massage Service 

Employee-Paid Model

Payment is collected from employees at the time of service. We accept all forms of debit and credit cards. Cash or checks are not accepted. Nominal set-up fee.

10 Minute Massage – $22.00
15 Minute Massage – $32.00
20 Minute Massage – $44.00
30 Minute Massage – $58.00
45 Minute Massage – $87.00
60 Minute Massage – $116.00
2 Hour Package – $204

Company-Paid Model

Employer-paid engagements are charged to the credit card on file after services are performed. We work closely with you to match your budget and time constraints. 

Massage Duration

One therapist can provide one of the following options per hour:

Six 10 minute sessions
Four 15 minute sessions
Three 20 minute sessions
Two 30 minute sessions

Forms of payment accepted


We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and HSA/FSA.

Cash and checks ARE NOT accepted for Dreamclinic Workplace Massage services.