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“The best gift we can give to all those around us 

is to be truly healthy both in body and in mind”

Why Come to Dreamclinic?

Therapeutic massage improves your quality of life by lowering stress, treating muscle aches and muscle-related conditions, and restoring flexibility. It is part of a healthy lifestyle. At Dreamclinic, our goal is to make expert massage therapy more easily accessible for busy people. We offer a convenient 7 day-a-week schedule and employ only highly-skilled and caring  specialists, so you get a truly therapeutic experience every time, on your schedule.

Preferred Wellness Provider

Dreamclinic has earned the trust of top companies across the Puget Sound as their preferred provider of Workplace Massage services with companies who are make health care options for their staff a priority. We are the preferred provider of wellness services at workplaces such as:




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Our Mission

Dreamclinic is a Seattle-based business founded on the belief that all people deserve to have health and well-being and, furthermore, that health and well-being are achievable. We regard massage as an integral and affordable component of individuals’ health care routine.

“Only when we are well can we be our most

vibrant, creative, and generous selves”

Our Promise

We are passionate about our work, about health, and about providing truly client-focused services. We offer skillful bodywork in a professional, warm, and welcoming environment.


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When it comes to massage, Seattle leads the way among U.S. cities in terms of the popularity of therapeutic massage. Seattle residents also have a high level of knowledge about the health benefits of therapeutic massage. Seattle massage schools are regarded as among the best in the country, graduating massage therapists able to skillfully combine both the relaxation and the treatment aspects of massage.

Dreamclinic is proud to be a Seattle-based massage practice: