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Are you a massage therapist seeking an environment that not only respects your craft but also supports your professional growth

After a car accident, unless the accident is severe, individuals tend to do nothing. They may feel some tenderness and

When navigating the world of massage therapy, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between spa massage and clinical or medical

Acupuncture has gained widespread acceptance as a valuable component of health and wellness, supported by growing evidence of its benefits

Deciding what to wear for a full body massage can be a bit perplexing, especially for first-timers. The key is

When considering massage therapy, two popular styles that come to mind are Swedish and Thai massage. Both offer unique benefits

Dreamclinic is truly honored to have its longstanding partnership with the University of Washington (UW) Intercollegiate Athletics. As a beacon

Key Takeaways: Avoiding Distractions: Ensuring phones and other devices are silenced to maintain a tranquil environment. Communication is Crucial: Refrain

In the heart of Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood stands Discoverypoint School of Massage (“Discoverypoint”), a beacon of excellence in massage education.

In our fast-paced world, therapeutic massage, for stress reduction or body aches, has become an essential part of maintaining our

At Dreamclinic, we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance therapeutic results. As more and more individuals are

As a wellness partner to the University of Washington Athletics Department, Dreamclinic sends an emphatic congratulations to the Husky Football

All Dreamclinic therapists are carefully vetted and are among the most skilled and talented massage professionals in the Seattle area. 

Acupuncture Treats Stress, Allergies and Pain Management When you think of acupuncture, it’s very likely that the first thing you

At Dreamclinic, we see it as our mission to help fellow humans keep healthy by working against the ravages of

Ever wonder why all the buzz about acupuncture? Within the last few weeks we have seen an increase in clients

Dear Dreamclinic community, We are excited to let you know that as of today, you are now able to use

Recently, the Governor announced that WA State healthcare facilities can resume providing non-urgent services. This allows us to open up

We are pleased to share this video about Dreamclinic’s reopening in the era of Covid and the many steps the

Dear Dreamclinic clients, I am contacting you with an update on the steps we are taking to re-open our clinics

Dear friends, We are in unprecedented time for our country, facing a pandemic that requires us all to act in

Dreamclinic’s mission is providing services and education that promote a natural approach to health!  We care deeply about the wellbeing

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We are pleased to share that as of today, Dreamclinic has introduced a new Enthusiast membership program, designed to bring


Congratulations Huskies 

As a wellness partner to the University of Washington Athletics Department, Dreamclinic sends an emphatic congratulations to the Husky Football team! Our favorite college football

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