Dreamclinic Massage Sponsors Team Group Health Competitive Cycling for the 13th Year in a Row

teamgrouphealthseattledreamclinicpartnershipDreamclinic is delighted to announce a landmark thirteen-year sponsorship with Group Health.  Every year Team Group Health strives to promote and develop the sport of competitive cycling among women in the Pacific Northwest. This sponsorship is part of Dreamclinic’s ongoing commitment to promote healthy and active living within our community.

Team Group Health is a great example of competitive spirit and an emphasis on women’s health. They’re passionate about investing time to educate and train their members, as well as the community at large about the sport of cycling.

Dreamclinic founder and CEO Larisa Goldin says:

“We’re delighted to continue our ongoing relationship with Team Group Health and are extremely proud of the team.  They have grown each year, have competed fiercely and have also been an active and positive influence in our community.  they exemplify the fact that people can be multi-dimensional and work and play hard in a healthy way.”

Dreamclinic sponsors Team Group Health to assist in the common goal to raise public awareness of the health benefits of an active lifestyle.  Did you know 1-in-3 Washington residents own a bicycle?  Cycling is already a way for many of us to have an active, healthy lifestyle.  A focus on cycling, with event sponsorship and promotion of cycle safety, is a natural part of Group Health’s long-standing commitment to the well-being of the community. Founded in 1947, Group Health Cooperative is a consumer-governed, non-profit health care system that coordinates care and coverage.

With approximately 70 members, Team Group Health is a veritable force whenever the rubber meets the road, the track and the dirt.

To learn more about Team Group Health visit: http://soundvelocycling.com.

Dreamclinic Sponsors Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 Season

Dreamclinic is proud to sponsor Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 season as part of our commitment to community wellness.
blue roostergroup2013

Blue Rooster is a non-exclusive racing team whose members share their passion and experience to help others achieve their goals. Honor and fair play are fundamental values of their team. Their members not only love racing, but also consistently give back to the  community by organizing the largest stage race in the Northwest, volunteering at other racing events, supporting high school mountain bike teams, and keeping current on local efforts to improve cycling safety.

Look for the Dreamclinic logo on their jerseys as you see the Blue Roosters racing in our community! To learn more about the team, visit the Blue Rooster Cycling website:  www.blueroostercycling.com.