Dreamclinic Sponsors Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 Season

Dreamclinic is proud to sponsor Blue Rooster Cycling for the 2014 season as part of our commitment to community wellness.
blue roostergroup2013

Blue Rooster is a non-exclusive racing team whose members share their passion and experience to help others achieve their goals. Honor and fair play are fundamental values of their team. Their members not only love racing, but also consistently give back to the  community by organizing the largest stage race in the Northwest, volunteering at other racing events, supporting high school mountain bike teams, and keeping current on local efforts to improve cycling safety.

Look for the Dreamclinic logo on their jerseys as you see the Blue Roosters racing in our community! To learn more about the team, visit the Blue Rooster Cycling website:  www.blueroostercycling.com.

Dreamclinic Sponsors Running Evolution Team

Dreamclinic is now a proud sponsor of the Running Evolution team!

Running Evolution is the brain child of Beth Baker. She started the company after having her son (when she found herself 70 pounds more curves). Beth coaches people to start running and keep running. Her goal is to help as many people as possible change their life through the power of exercise.

Running Evolution has an amazing community and has changed the lives of thousands of new runners. More details and information on this exciting program can be found at www.runningevolution.com.

To learn more about becoming a Running Evolution coach, visit www.coachrunningevolution.com.

Client Spotlight on Jodie

Jodie Thomas dances for the Pacific Northwest Ballet.  From humble beginnings in St. Maries, Idaho (a town so small it didn’t even have a movie theatre), Jodie has danced her way into the big leagues. She moved from her hometown to study in Spokane at the age of 14, and then to Seattle two years later to study at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School.   Today, she is an accomplished soloist for the company.


With an uncommon grace, Jodie bends and moves in ways most of us wouldn’t attempt!     So, when Jodie began experiencing lower back problems, a major strength center for dancers, she had to take quick action.  She turned to Dreamclinic and therapist Drew Roehrich.  Working with Drew has allowed her to keep dancing at the highest level.


“Massage has helped loosen the muscles of my lower back so that I can properly stretch and strengthen my body… Dancing is tough on the body and the yearly wear and tear takes a certain toll—as I get older, I need to pay even more attention to ensuring that I keep my body strong and flexible to help ward off injury.  Dreamclinic has played an important role in this effort.”


Having performed leading roles in productions from Stowell’s Romeo and Juliet to Petipa’s Don Quixote.  This fall of 2008, Jodie turns her attention to a staple of the holiday season in Seattle – Stowell and Sendak’s Nutcracker – which runs November 28th through December 30th.


Jodie intends to keep dancing for many years to come and says “my primary goal is to keep my body strong, flexible and healthy so I can continue to enjoy my dance career!”