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Katy S.


Katy has a Swedish Massage foundation and over the years, has integrated: myofascial release, deep tissue, hot stone massage, medical cupping, stretching, sports massage, pediatric massage, geriatric massage, prenatal massage and chair massage techniques into her practice. Craniosacral training specific to headaches, migraines and concussions is an area of specialized continuing education. Outside of Dreamclinic, Katy is a volunteer for Reading Partners, a certified Aromatherapist, Death Doula, Life Coach and Massage in Schools Program Instructor. Katy is profoundly committed to serving people in the local and global communities. She believes that we are all interconnected and that massage is a necessary part of healthcare.


My craniosacral training is specific to people with chronic and/or severe headaches and/or migraines, in addition to concussions. I am certified and licensed for intraoral massage. My therapeutic approach to massage on a whole, is an integration of massage techniques and additional cushioning as needed. Every session is meant to be tailored to the needs of each client based on open communication and active listening. Client comfort and safety are important to me; I will only perform abdominal, gluteal, psoas, facial and scalp massage upon request, and I respect when clients specifically tell me not to work in those areas. Additionally, while I will perform aggressively hard, deep tissue upon request, my aim as an LMT is never to hurt a client, even if they tell me that no amount of pressure will be too much for them to handle. I am LGBTQIA friendly and respectful. For my personal and professional growth, I have certification as a Death Doula and a Life Coach. I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness for the past 30+ years, and have undergone Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief training. I received my pediatric massage certification from the Liddle Kidz Foundation, and I have certification to train people on the subject of Peer-on-Peer Massage through the Massage in Schools Programme. Outside of my career, I am a volunteer for Reading Partners, and I am consistently keeping myself aware and informed of community and global issues. meeting the needs of my clients at every session is important to me; I am consistently taking continuing education classes and expanding my knowledge around providing the best care that I can offer any person of any age/gender/race/ethnicity who comes to see me.


I got a tremendous amount of relief from my massage! Will be continuing for sure.

Katy has amazing hands and technique. I go back to her continuously because she is the best deep tissue/sports massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of being massaged by.

Katy is an excellent massage therapist. She has made a big difference with my health.

Katy gave me an outstanding massage as usual. She is kind, compassionate and incredibly skilled at massage therapy. I always feel happy and relaxed after the massage with Katy. Thank you so much!

Katy has amazing hands and technique. I go back to her continuously because she is the best deep tissue/sports massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of being massaged by. I said it once and I’ll say it again. Katy is a miracle worker. Definitely a keeper.

Katy S was especially talented and gifted as a massage therapist. My experience was delightful, healing and therapeutic.

Katy was very attentive to my needs. She ensured that I was comfortable during the session as she found all of the minor muscles that hadn’t been massages in a while! She is professional and experienced!