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David Power

Clinic Location

Bel-Red, Queen Anne, Roosevelt


Pressure Level

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Medical Education

Northwest School of Massage, Eastside

David P.


David was born and raised in Arkansas, and growing up always had an interest in massage as a healing therapy. After having worked in the IT field for several years, he decided he’d much rather be helping people more directly, so he made the move to Washington state and received his massage license in 2015.

Through experience since, David has developed a style that emphasizes cross-fiber friction and focuses on attachment points to help muscles heal themselves. He’s also found that massage is not only physical, but also mental, and without a relaxed mind, the body tends to retain a greater amount of tension and stress. Considering that, he’s mindful of using techniques that are fluid and relaxing in order to achieve the best overall results. David aspires to make every client’s day better through the art of massage!



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It was comfortable, relaxing, and my massage therapist checked in and took feedback in the moment to adjust pressures as needed. Besides those things, it was just an absolutely stellar massage!

The professionalism is superb. The therapist is skilled and compassionate.

I can't be more thankful to David for helping me have a nights sleep after4-5 days of extreme pain around sacral area radiating to legs. He worked magic with his massage into the muscles and relieving whatever had happened. Thank you!

David did a great job today - my back pain is gone. Thank so much....