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Alisa Popova

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Alisa P.


I blend myofascial, sports and Swedish techniques to create change in the structure while soothing the nervous system, with the goals of creating freedom of motion, decreasing pain, and supporting a client's thriving life. Living in my body in a very intentional way for most of my life (dance, martial arts, yoga, etc.), and more recently becoming a mental health counselor, helps me to bring a whole person approach to my therapeutic work - compassionate, attuned, intuitive.


Alisa's mission is to help people understand and sense themselves with a greater depth and subtlety by providing therapeutic and healing bodywork, Reiki energy healing, and self-care education. By deepening awareness of ourselves we heal, and lead more authentic and joyful lives. Alisa's massages have been described as intuitive, detailed, and "like a flowing dance".