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First Choice Health Insurance, Insurance paid massage and Acupuncture at Dreamclinic Massage Seattle and RedmondWe are very pleased to announce that we have added a number of therapists as in-network providers for First Choice Health Insurance. This means that we now have the ability to accept this insurance at both our Greenlake and our Queen Anne locations!

Did you know that many medical conditions can be helped by regular massage sessions?

Did you know a large number of health insurance plans cover this service?  Does yours?
We would be happy to help you to find out if medical massage is a covered benefit in your health insurance plan.

This link will walk you through the process of finding out what is covered in your plan, and how to schedule your medical massage visits.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about having medical massage covered by your insurance and to check the status of your available benefits.

Please give us a call at (206) 267-0863 or email [email protected] to get this process started.

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.