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Dreamclinic Massage + Therapeutic Associates:
Two Great Services that Go Great Together


dreamclinic queen anne massage seattle physical therapy massageBooking a massage appointment in Queen Anne is now easier than ever!  As of January 29th Dreamclinic Massage service is now available at our newest affiliate clinic: Therapeutic Associates’ Queen Anne.
If you’ve been curious about integrated care within a physical therapy environment or are looking for increased access to trusted quality massage therapy in Queen Anne, we invite you to visit us here.
Who is Therapeutic Associates? 
Therapeutic Associates (TAI) is the largest privately run group of physical therapy clinics in the country, with locations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  TAI’s mission is to be an integral part of people’s journeys towards positive health & wellness.
Why Do Dreamclinic & Therapeutic Associates Make An Awesome Team (And How Does this Help Me)?
It’s simple.  Both Dreamclinic and Therapeutic Associates aim to provide the highest quality care for our clients.  Sometimes, it’s just that easy.  
Our core values of effective, personalized therapeutic services delivered with excellence made our partnership a natural fit.  By joining forces, Dreamclinic and Therapeutic Associates are able to provide patients with integrated care from one shared location providing more convenient collaborative care for you.
What is an Affiliate Clinic? 
Therapeutic Associates approached Dreamclinic to provide Dreamclinic massage within their existing physical therapy clinics.  We were happy to partner and create affiliate locations, starting with the Therapeutic Associates Queen Anne location (which, conveniently is just a few blocks from our primary Queen Anne clinic!).
These Dreamclinic affiliate locations will offer the same programs and convenience offered at its primary clinics.  Memberships, gift Cards, packages and special offers are all available and honored at Dreamclinic affiliate clinics just as they are at our primary clinics.
New Locations Coming Soon!

Dreamclinic will begin service at Queen Anne Therapeutic Associates as of January 29, 2016. As more affiliate clinics open throughout 2016 and 2017, they will be added to our online scheduling software.  Check our locations page periodically to see a list of all operating clinics.


Hours of service are generally weekday evenings and weekends, with some variation from clinic to clinic.  Please check the Locations page for Dreamclinic hours of operation and types of services available for a particular affiliate clinic.

To learn more about this exciting new partnership visit our website.


Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.