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When we’re talking about health, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the fiction from the facts. In fact, when you turn on the TV or turn to the Internet, you might have discovered something. There’s almost no end to so-called gurus and sages prompting this exercise routine or that health fad. There’s also plenty of health myths being passed around as well.

But with your trusted experts at Dreamclinic, you always have a source of medical advice that’s reliable and informed. On that note, today, we’re cutting through the fiction and dispelling 7 health myths that we all should just forget about.

Health Myth #1: You must drink 8 glasses of water every day

While it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated, especially if you lead an active lifestyle, the 8 glasses rule is just a myth. Now, it’s good to drink plenty of water each day, but for every person the amount will differ. No research supports a link between exactly 8 glasses and a healthy life.

Health Myth #2: Crunches are all you need to get flat abs

On the one hand, crunches won’t necessarily lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, in addition to a well-rounded circuit of whole-body exercises, you also need a diet that’s geared toward being fit. This way, you can get those abs you’ve always wanted.

Health Myth #3: Your metabolism is at fault for weight gain

You’ve probably heard this one once or twice in the past. However, research has continued to show that, in the far majority of cases, it’s not metabolism that’s causing weight gain. In reality, regular physical activity has far more impact on your weight due to calorie burning.

Health Myth #4: Foods high in fat are bad for you

Once upon a time, a trend started where people insisted that fatty foods were bad for you. And although you don’t want to go crazy and eat nothing but fatty foods, the fact of the matter is fat isn’t bad for you. It might sound crazy, but your body needs some fat for essential health. Avocados, olives, nuts. These all provide basic building blocks that your body needs when part of a balanced diet.

Health Myth #5: You should wait an hour after eating before physical activity

This persistent wives’ tale sounds like it has its foundation in science, but really, it’s simply another myth. There isn’t any research backing up claims that your body is too busy digesting for you to be able to properly exercise. Now, you might want to hold off if you’ve had a large meal, but otherwise, enjoy your favorite physical activity.

Health Myth #6: You can’t grow new brain cells

This is probably one of the most stubborn myths of all. Yet, until recently, it was all but accepted as fact. However, new research is blowing this old idea apart. The process, called neurogenesis, leads to learning and memory. How can you take advantage of it? More aerobic exercise is one big key.

Health Myth #7: A professional massage is just for a luxury

At Dreamclinic, our professionals in massage know a thing or two about this one! Really, a massage session can serve a variety of medical and health goals. These include helping you to alleviate long-term pain, de-stressing after a tough week, or even managing cancer treatments. Are you ready to find out more about how a massage can benefit your health? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!


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