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Are you a massage therapist seeking an environment that not only respects your craft but also supports your professional growth and well-being? At Dreamclinic, from our first days, we recognized that massage is a true profession, requiring skill, caring and worthy of full respect.  When compensation for massage professionals started falling due to the arrival of massage franchises, Dreamclinic held ground and refused to lower compensation.   As a result, Dreamclinic attracted the best massage therapist in the industry to work at our clinics and built a highly trusted reputation with clients for the high skill and caring outlook of our massage team.

With high demand for our service today, Dreamclinic has several openings for additional  massage professionals who are skilled and truly passionate about client well-being.  Perhaps this is you?  And our success starts with taking care of our team first.  Since our inception in 2003, we have built a culture that prioritizes the needs and career longevity of our team members, recognizing that client experience, and ultimately our success, is deeply intertwined with the outlook and well-being of the therapists themselves. satisfaction and growth.

What Sets Dreamclinic Apart?

Supportive Business Practices:   We offer various shift options, allowing enough time between sessions for self-care and client coaching. We also offer free massage and there are alway snack in the breakroom (in case you forget to bring lunch).

Non-Competitive, Collaborative Culture: We’ve cultivated a workplace where therapists feel valued and supported, emphasizing teamwork over competition.

Focus on Education & Skills Exchange: Continuous learning and sharing of skills and techniques are at the heart of our operations. We encourage our therapists to grow their skill sets and share their knowledge with others.  And they love doing so.

Freedom of Practice:  No cookie-cutter massages here. At Dreamclinic, you’re encouraged to use your full toolkit of techniques to provide personalized, effective treatments.

Industry-Leading Compensation:  We offer competitive pay and truly generous benefits  to ensure that massage therapists feel valued and supported.

Client Base and Shift Flexibility: With busy clinics and a large, established client base, you can set a schedule that fits your lifestyle and quickly achieve a full schedule of clientele.

It’s all About the Team – We’re the Company you Keep

We embody the principle, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our team members absolutely love working together.  There is a calmness and emotional maturity in our space. Everyone recognizes we have a shared passion to help clients achieve optimal well-being.  When any one therapist does a great job and a client is happy, this results in return visits and referrals and creates collective success. This is well understood in our culture and life long friendships are formed at Dreamclinic.  The incredible team synergy has positioned us as a leader in the wellness industry.

Professionalism and Respect

We believe in elevating the professions of massage therapy and acupuncture as vital components of long term health maintenance.  This begins with treating our therapists with the utmost respect and providing a work environment that is professional, compassionate, and co-creative. Our approach builds sustainable careers, offering living wages, ongoing mentoring, and a supportive community focused on self-care and dynamic professional growth. Our therapists uniformly share that they feel truly respected working at Dreamclinic.

Join Us and Grow

Dreamclinic supports the development and excellence of our team, offering:

  • Industry Leadership: Benefit from our outstanding reputation, established client base, and opportunities across 3 Seattle-area clinics and mobile options.
  • Therapist-Centric Business Model: Enjoy top-tier wages and benefits, tuition reimbursement for recent graduates, and a focus on career longevity.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Receive coaching on practice development, supportive management, and chances to become a mentor or teacher.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Choose from part-time or full-time positions, morning or evening shifts, and work in clinics, in-home, or workplace settings.

At Dreamclinic, we recognize that to provide the best care to our clients, we must first care for ourselves. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where the voices and needs of all team members are heard and valued.

Ready to Join Our Team?

If you’re a licensed massage therapist looking for a rewarding career path that respects and supports your professional development and personal well-being, Dreamclinic is the place for you. Contact us to learn more about how you can join our team and contribute to a healthier, happier world.

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.