Team Sponsorships and Community Outreach for 2011 and 2012

At Dreamclinic, we support and active lifestyle and believe that there is an inner-athlete in each of us.

In keeping with this, we sponsor several local sports teams each year.  Sponsorship includes discounted or complementary massage sessions as well as social and educational opportunities.  If you are interested in having Dreamclinic sponsor your organization,  please contact us at [email protected].


Dreamclinic currently sponsors:


Seattle Rowing Center – Elite Rowers

Elite Rowers training with the Seattle Rowing Center are seasoned international competitors who are college graduates competing for The National Championships and The 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The Seattle Rowing Center has 16 Elite Rowers and more than one hundred total members. The SRC offers rowing camps, classes, and rowing teams for children as young as 8 years old, on up to the college level and beyond. Dreamclinic is thrilled to sponsor The Elite Rowers at the Seattle Rowing Center who’s mission is “to build a boathouse filled with young, eager, and passionate rowers.”


Roosevelt High School Athletics

Roosevelt High School is located just a few blocks away from Dreamclinic’s Greenlake location in Seattle. We are pleased to be able to strengthen our ties to the local community by sponsoring Roosevelt High School’s Athletic Department, our contribution helps pay for various necessities such as travel fees, sports equipment and facilities. This unique partnership works in harmony with our company mission of encouraging and supporting activities that contribute to an active healthy lifestyle. GO RIDERS!



Sound Velo Cycling – Team Group Health

Team Group Health is a competitive women’s cycling team based in Seattle. Its objective is to promote women’s health, fitness, and competitive spirit through bicycle racing. Team Group Health is one of the largest women’s cycling teams in the Pacific Northwest. With approximately 100 women members (and growing!), Team Group Health is a veritable force in the Northwest cycling scene from road to track to dirt. The team was named USA Cycling’s Women’s Club of the Year for the second consecutive year. Dreamclinic is pleased to be a supporting sponsor of Team Group Health.



Dreamclinic has previously sponsored:


Starbucks Cycling

Starbucks Duetto Visa is a women’s racing team focused on competing primarily in Washington State Bicycling Association calendar races with two squads – elite and beginner. The team’s guiding principles are to promote wellness to Starbucks partners and the community; develop a team with members who treat each other and all competitors with respect and dignity; foster team leadership within the cycling community; consistently, graciously display its commitment to team sponsors, each other as individuals and as a team; and to give back to the community through organized volunteerism.

Avanti Racing

Dreamclinic is a proud supporting sponsor of yet another talented group of athletes, the Avanti Racing Team. The team has been active in the Northwest since 1988, participating in road, track, mountain and cyclocross racing. The team’s focus is to provide training support to racers so they are able to compete effectively while maintaining balance in their busy lives. As part of its sponsorship, Dreamclinic will provide pre and post-event sports massage to the team at selected races, as well as hold several clinics about massage, stretching and proper hydration.

Hot Sake Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is synchronized sprint paddling. Dragon boating originated over 2000 years ago, and is one of the fastest growing sports today. Hot Sake is a team formed out of Seattle SAKE in 2002. Since forming, the team has been training in summer or winter for the sheer enjoyment of paddling. During the summer months, the team participates in dragon boat festivals ranging up and down the western U.S. and Canadian coasts. The club’s mission is to promote the sport of dragon boat racing in the Northwest, promote cultural diversity, participate in community outreach projects and to practice good sportsmanship while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.

Renton Ravens

The Renton Ravens are an Adult Amateur (Semi-Pro) Football team in the Pacific Northwest. Their mission is to be a cutting edge team that sets an example of sportsmanship and teamwork. Their goal is to give athletes a chance to showcase their talents and earn an opportunity to play at the next level- whether that is college or professionally. Not only is this a great arena for players to refine their skills for the next level but a means for football enthusiasts to continue to participate in full contact football after their high school, college or professional career has come to a close.