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Do you clench your jaw or have TMJ?

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when to consider intra oral massage, massage therapy at Dreamclinic Massage in Seattle and RedmondWe already know that massage can reduce stress, boost your mood, and strengthen your immune system, but what if it could also help relieve that pesky (and painful!) jaw clicking? Or, soothe achy neck and jaw muscles after whiplash?

The answer is intra-oral massage, a lesser ...

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Headache and Migraine Sufferers Find Relief with Acupuncture

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headache-portland-maine-acupunctureby Diana Khoury

Over one in six Americans experiences chronic headaches1. Recurring headaches and migraines interfere with one’s daily functioning and can contribute to increased personal medical costs and sick time taken off of work. The traditional course of treatment for chronic headaches is medication, which has varying degrees of effectiveness plus associated side effects. Alternatively, research demonstrates that acupuncture can effectively reduce the ...

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