The annual Celebration of Health is here. Our absolutely lowest prices.

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How to save 20% on your appointments.

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Dreamclinic clients are THE BEST because you already know massage is a valuable component of health maintenance and you recognize that there is a quality difference when you come to Dreamclinic.

This email is to let you know that it is the time of year when Dreamclinic offers its popular Celebration of Health promotion offering our absolutely best value on bodywork.  The Celebration of Health massage package gives you 6 hours of free massage when you purchase 24 hours of massage.  Hours never expire and are fully transferrable to friends and family.

The Celebration of Health offer is available for a limited time each year.  It takes place August 1st – September 30th.

Buy now and save 20%

What does regular massage do for you? It lets you manage stress, stay flexible and keep your muscles free of knots and aches so you show up fully energized and at your best at work, at home, and at play.  The Celebration of Health package allows you to share the ‘massage habit’ with family, friends or with your team.

“Love the service and therapists here. I always feel refreshed, relaxed and 1000x better after a treatment… I have for the last 4 years purchased the Celebration of Health package so that I can get the most bang for the buck since I go to Dreamclinic at least once a month.” 
– 5 Star Customer Yelp Review by P.L.

Celebration of Health Package (30 massage hours) – $2208
$73.60 per one hour of massage
Savings of over $550
Limited time: August 1st – September 30th.

Our guarantee: Your hours never expire. This is our best discount available.

Stop in at one of our 4 locations or call 206-267-0863 to purchase a Celebration of Health package today.

Give your body the gift of health! Don’t lose the opportunity to lock in our biggest savings of the year.

Save 20% with the Celebration of Health Package here.

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