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Whether you’ve been in a car accident yourself or known someone close to you who has, the journey to re-establish your health can be a challenging one. Even if you don’t have any pain immediately following the accident, you may find that, days later, you’re having frequent headaches or your range of motion has been constricted. These symptoms can also appear even if you were wearing your seatbelt or you considered the accident to be a minor one. In actuality, every accident has the potential to impact your health in a negative way.

Medical Massage therapy after a car accident is a well established way to restore your well-being. This fact is true whether we’re talking about healing from the psychological aspects of an accident or managing long-term side effects or other disorders developed because of a crash – massage therapy offers many benefits. But before we look at just how massage therapy after a car accident can help you, let’s understand a bit more about what happens to your body during an accident.

Your Body During and After a Car Accident

Aside from breaking glass or crunching metal, there’s another effect from your car accident. During an accident, your body is traveling at a higher speed, but is suddenly brought to a stop or even reverses its motion. During that split second, as you may be trying to manage the situation the best you can, your body goes into an immediate defensive mode and tries to offset the sudden change in momentum. In a way, this is our anatomy’s way of protecting itself. However, the result is often micro-tears in the musculature, leading to inflammation, and ultimately, scar tissue and restricted range of motion. Though you may have a lot on your mind following a car accident, it is imperative for your long-term well-being to consider massage therapy.

Massage Therapy After a Car Accident Can Help Return Your Health

During your visit to Dreamclinic, one of our massage therapy experts will go over all your whiplash symptoms and your treatment options with you. This way, you can feel confident in your treatment, as well as have all your questions answered. Here are a few of the ways that massage therapy can treat the symptoms associated with a car accident:

  • Improved range of motion – often after a car accident, patients exhibit a decrease in their range of motion. This symptom can manifest itself as difficulty fully turning to one side or being unable to look over your shoulder or low-back stiffness. Through massage therapy, your flexibility and movement are rebuilt.
  • Reduction of spasms due to injury – along with the other symptoms we’ve mentioned, you may also experience muscle spasms after a car accident. Partly due to the tearing of muscle fibers, this symptom can be painful and even chronic if left untreated. However, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can be an effective way to break the cycle and mitigate symptoms.
  • Promotion of blood circulation to vital areas – another big benefit when getting massage therapy after a car accident is how your blood circulation is improved. Because injured areas need proper blood flow to aid in the recovery process, massage therapy provides a vital benefit toward healing.
  • Relaxation that prompts psychological healing – as mentioned above, massage therapy is outstanding for providing psychological benefits after a car accident. This is because, along with an alleviation of tightness or inflammation, you’re also being given a chance to de-stress and calm your mind at the same time. Since car accidents are typically traumatic events, massage therapy can play a huge role in setting your mind at ease after the event.

Restoring your health after a car accident is essential, no matter how big or small the accident. Our massage clinics in Seattle and the surrounding area keep the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals on staff to aid you in your recovery. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to improvement.

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