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This month, Dreamclinic is proud to announce their new clinic location opening February 13th in the former Brenneke Massage School space at 160 Roy Street on Queen Anne in Seattle. Dreamclinic Queen Anne moves from its former address in the Marqueen Hotel and joins sister locations in Roosevelt and Redmond. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.

This is not just a random move, according to owner Larisa Goldin. “This decision was incredibly fortuitous. The Brenneke School of Massage was renowned nationwide for the quality of their teaching, and the opportunity to move our clinic there brings the story full circle and supports the advancement of quality massage in Seattle.” She adds, “we will be practicing where some of the most skilled therapists and educators in our industry learned their craft, AND Dreamclinic is keeping the story alive in Seattle.”

According to Goldin, many people do not realize that Seattle sets the standard for massage in our nation. “While most people think of coffee and rain when they think of Seattle, they may not recognize our city as a hub for massage,” she continues. “We set the standard- with more massage schools per capita than other cities and our overall holistic vibe.” It is just this passion that lead Goldin to leave her cushy tech job and open Dreamclinic in 2003.

Dreamclinic has positioned itself as a leader in massage- with their focus on overall health, and individualized therapeutic medical massage. They have been recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal and Inc. 5000 in both 2015 and 2016 as one of the nation’s fastest growing businesses.

To Goldin, it’s her therapists’ skill combined with their unique approach that has made Dreamclinic so successful. “What I hear time and time again from clients is that they are ‘obsessed’ with Dreamclinic,” says Goldin. “We love what we do, we hire the best and then we listen to our clients. We provide a results-focused plan for their specific needs.” Through massage and acupuncture, Dreamclinic helps people keep their health and unlock the body’s natural healing properties.

In addition to this new Queen Anne location, Dreamclinic has purchased New Seattle Massage in the University District and is continuing to operate this facility under the “New Seattle Massage” name. “We are excited to work with New Seattle Massage’s esteemed clientele, they have really built a fantastic reputation.” New Seattle Massage is located at 4519 1/2 University Way, NE in Seattle and online at

About Brenneke School of Massage

Heida Brenneke began massage in her home in 1974 and opened her first formal location, the Brenneke School of Massage in 1980. From that point on, Brenneke set the standard for massage producing several of the industry’s leaders and countless passionate massage therapists. The Brenneke School of Massage was purchased by Cortiva Institute and eventually closed in 2007.

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.