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Just about anyone has experienced muscle tension at some point.  We often call this ‘muscle knots’  because they literally feel like knots in our muscles.  For some people muscle knots are occasional, for others, a daily condition that really takes away from the fun in life.

Muscles are a funny business because they are probably less well understood than other body parts like skin or our eyes and ears.   What is behind our muscle knots?  Well, muscle knots can be the result of trigger points or adhesions, different in cause but leaving us equally frustrated.  Triggger points are a type of spasm or contraction that radiates to other parts of the body whereas, adhesions are essentially a restriction to free muscle motion because the muscle, or the membrane surrounding the muscle, is literally stuck somewhere.

Treating muscle knots with massage is a common practice because it is highly effective. Stretching or yoga are also highly beneficial.   For those that are curious about what causes the knots in the first place, Nicole Mosier, in her article “Knots, Adhesions and Trigger Points” does a nice job discussing the anatomy of our so called muscle knots!

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