Meet Our Roosevelt Massage Therapists

Dreamclinic’s massage therapists are carefully chosen for their superior massage skill and client focus. Our therapists embody the professionalism and customer satisfaction standards that set Dreamclinic apart.


Amy S.

EAMP, L.Ac. # AC60797978

Amy is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, certified Chinese herbalist and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.  While working as a massage therapist, Amy experienced an acupuncture treatment and was amazed at the immediate feeling of balance and full-flowing energy throughout her body. Within months, she began her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Amy visited Beijing to study TCM and Asian bodywork with highly esteemed Chinese practitioners has been one of her most memorable experiences. She has also enjoyed being a faculty member of Pacific College in Chicago and Harrison College in Indianapolis as a teacher and massage clinic supervisor. Amy uses a personalized mixture of acupuncture, massage therapy, cupping and other TCM modalities for the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief. She customizes each patient’s treatment to not only help them heal from signs and symptoms of current illnesses but also to balance their body and mind to prevent ailments before they occur. Amy moved to the Seattle area in 2016 and loves hanging out with her family including their two Old English sheepdogs, Basil and Ziggy.

ashleysacco massage seattle dreamclinic

Ashley S.


Ashley went to massage school in Missoula, MT at the Montana School of Massage earning a certificate in massage therapy and is also certified by Kate Jordan in pre/post natal massage treatment. Treatment work is Ashley’s favorite modality, she likes to focus on specific tension patterns ranging in severity from acute symptoms to chronic discomfort. Her massage technique blends deep tissue and Swedish utilizing firm pressure and long sweeps following the muscle contour and functional muscle shape. The results will make you feel like you’ve reached another ethereal dimension but physically you have made real progress on your original goal.


Brian E.


Brian was inspired to become a massage therapist after experiencing first­hand the effectiveness of body work in dealing with the aches and pains of being a mountain guide. He attended the Swedish Institute in New York City where he studied both western and eastern massage modalities, including shiatsu and Thai massage, as well as exercise physiology, becoming a NSCA certified personal trainer. His love of shiatsu led to studying acupuncture at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine.. Brian practices Japanese ­style acupuncture, western therapeutic massage, shiatsu, and Thai massage.

Charylie A

Charylie A.


Since she was little, Charylie has been massaging aching feet, tired backs, and tight shoulders whenever she had the chance. It means so much to her to bring people relaxation and relief from chronic tension and injuries. She is skilled in Swedish, Deep Tissue  and  Sports massage, as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Facilitation and other treatment modalities. Charylie’s intention is to continue expanding her knowledge of the body though classes and lifelong training. Integrating relaxation and therapeutic techniques to deliver a balanced and individualized massage is her goal with every client. Forming a cooperative, supportive relationship with clients who want to take an active role in their health and wellness is her ultimate goal. Sharing her knowledge to help others become more aware of how their bodies work is inspiring and fun. Turning people in sleepy puddles of Jell-o is also fun for her.

chris w

Chris W.


Chris attributes a great deal of healing in his past to massage. Those positive experiences prompted him to attend California’s Heartwood Institute.  He practices Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Sports massage, and Reflexology. Chris approaches each client with the intention of addressing their individual needs with techniques that best suit their body.

Dina G.


Dina graduated from Brian Utting School of Massage and she specializes in results-oriented treatment work, including injuries, sports performance, post-surgery, and chronic or repetitive injury treatment. She also has extensive training in a variety of other modalities, including relaxation and hot stone massage, neuromuscular techniques, and several Asian modalities. Dina wanted to take her massage training even further, and completed her Master’s degree at Bastyr University in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She has extensive experience with working with people dealing with pain and helping them on their path to regaining full capability.


Drew R.


Drew graduated from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA where, in addition to massage therapy, he studied proper body mechanics through the use of tai-chi. He later graduated from Full Circle School of Massage in Edwards, CO.  Drew specializes in Deep Tissue, Sports, circulatory, and Pregnancy massage. He also practices a non-invasive Trigger Point method called Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique. He draws upon his varied work in a Pilates studio, chiropractic office, spa and clinic settings to offer clients a tailor-made experience.

Edward K.

MA# 60811346

Edward graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in 2017 and specialized in specific deep tissue work as well as myofascial release and Swedish massage, incorporating stretches and positional release to better alleviating tension and stress through slow and meticulous strokes. Edward believes that with enough effort and time anyone can increase their quality of life and whether that is from a small change in lifestyle or getting a massage to relieve ill sensations he will do whatever is in his power to help you achieve that goal. On Edward’s off day he enjoys reading stimulating literature, going on long walks with his dog or going to the gym to lift weights to better his own quality of living.

Elizabeth P.


Elizabeth graduated from Brian Utting School of Massage. She has taken workshops in eight different modalities, including extensive studies in Thai Yoga Massage, and is a member of Thai Healing Alliance International. She also enjoys working with pregnant women especially since becoming a mother herself, and finds the use of muscle energy technique in her Deep Tissue and Thai sessions to be very effective in increasing mobility and relaxation. She specializes in giving a luxurious hot stone massage thanks to her experience at the Spa at Salish Lodge.

Ellen K.


Ellen’s hometown is Amsterdam, where she worked in mental health care until she moved to the PNW in 2009. Ellen is passionate and determined to promote, heal, and create a balance in body, soul, and spirit. She became a true believer in emotional bodywork as for any preventive health care. She graduated from Cortiva School of Massage and she still enjoys regular trainings, workshops, retreats, etc. at the PNW School of Massage, and it is her commitment to the client to address every individual’s therapeutic needs. She incorporates many different techniques and modalities to establish pain reduction and (re)gain the client’s fullest potential.


Erin B.


Erin graduated from Cortiva and uses integrated massage techniques to tailor fit her sessions for her clients, some of which are Swedish, Myofascial, Neurofascisal, Sports, Structural, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point. She was drawn to massage because in 2008 her mother was injured and massage therapy helped significantly with her recovery. Erin found it amazing that you could use touch to heal and improve people’s lives, and the more she learned, the more she fell in love with massage! She finds that working at a clinic gives great balance to her work, not only is her massage clinically effective and therapeutic but deeply relaxing and well rounded.

Esther U.


Esther graduated from Heritage College in Colorado earning an AOS degree in the 1200 hour MT program and worked for a variety of environments from resort spas to medical settings, then after she moved to the Seattle area in 2005, a couple years later she discovered Dreamclinic and this has been her home base ever since.  She believes that most people can benefit from regular massage therapy and is happy to meet her clients where they are at to help them achieve their individual goals. In her “massage tool box” she has a variety of deep tissue and relaxation massage techniques, was certified in cupping massage in 2008, continues to learn about the neurofascial approach to nerve entrapment and is always interested in practicing effective techniques to help her clients with injury treatment and pain management.


Haakon L.


Haakon graduated from Brenneke School of Massage with a desire to help people improve their health and well-being. He has a integrative style of Massage that includes Swedish, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Energy Work, and Deep Tissue including MET, Trigger Point release, and Myofascial release. He calls his style “Reverence Massage Therapy”, which to him means listening closely to clients and using the best Massage techniques and pressure, to suit each individual client. He has developed some of his own unique techniques, and has had great success in treating neck and shoulder pain. “I like my deep tissue work to be effective, without working beyond clients comfort level, and hopefully leaving them relaxed as well as relieved of pain.”

Isak S.


Isak Graduated from the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts.  During the course of his life, he has been an athlete, a firefighter, and was in the military, so he knows a thing or two about how much chronic muscular pain can affect your quality of life.  He is a dedicated deep tissue and sports massage specialist who has training in Active Release Technique. His goal is to reduce and eliminate the body’s tension, aches and pains that affect our quality of life.  He firmly believes that chronic muscular pain does not have to be a part of our daily lives and goes above and beyond to help his clients live as comfortably as possible within their own bodies.

James Z.

MA 60433864

James credits learning the quality of his touch from petting the horses he grew up around. James learned to massage humans at Santa Barbara Bodyworks in California. In Santa Barbara he learned Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques which he blends with a patiently slow pace to unlock any muscle tension or pains. He can also put you on a cloud with a relaxing Swedish. He has helped relieve the pain of a range of individuals from pro sports players, to everyday office workers, and anyone in between.

Kevin B.


Kevin became licensed as a massage therapist in Illinois. He practices Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Sports massage, and Reflexology. Kevin has additional training in Oncology massage. Kevin approaches each client with the intention of addressing their individual needs with  techniques that best suit their body.

Laura H.


Laura Hills recently relocated to Seattle from New Jersey to join Dreamclinic. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the bodywork field. Laura practices an array of modalities including Swedish massage, pre- and post-natal massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, myofascial release, and aromatherapy.

Laura gravitated toward massage therapy as a career because she wanted to help people feel their best in a stress-free environment. This career began when she graduated from the Cortiva Institute and from there, she continued her education by taking classes in NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) and ultimately becoming a chronic pain specialist.  Laura discovered the “magic” of CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatioEmotional Release. In fact, she possesses such an advanced skillset in these therapies that she became an assistant instructor at the Upledger Institute.


Leah K.

MA 60177119

Leah graduated from Renton Technical School of Massage and has never regretted it. Massage was something she had always been interested in, and after discovering that engineering was absolutely not for her, she enrolled in massage school. Her love of helping people naturally drew her to treatment work utilizing Swedish and Deep Tissue work, along with other modalities, to really focus on releasing problem areas. She spent five years working at a Chiropractor’s clinic which helped her get a better understanding of the relationship between the spine and muscle tissues. Her goal is to help you leave feeling better than when you came in!

Marjanii M.

MA# 00005758

Marjanii is a veteran practitioner who has been in practice for twenty seven years. She is currently Licensed in NY and WA and Nationally Board Certified. After graduating from massage school she opened her own home based private practice and became a faculty member at The Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy where she was the Assistant Polarity Instructor and taught classes for Red Pines Continuing Education Program. She has been a Level III Reiki Master / Teacher for twenty two years and has training in Shamanic techniques for healing. Marjanii is specialized in various styles of massage including Swedish, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, Hawaiian Lomi Limo, Reiki & Polarity Therapy, hot stones, and prenatal massage. She is also passionate about teaching private classes on Reiki, Infant & Newborn Massage, meditation, and easy gentle yoga.

Michelle P.

MA# 60887735

Michelle’s guiding principles while working with clients are: do no harm, find the edges and invite change. She uses a variety of methods in a patterned and purposeful way to offer clients the most effective, customized treatments possible. Her work includes site-specific massage, therapeutic injury treatment, pregnancy massage, lymphatic techniques, and whole-body wellness massage. She has supported people with chronic conditions, headaches, daily stressors, cancer, and range of motion issues. She is passionate about listening to the breath as a gauge, and inviting it deeper as an important way to effect lasting change. While raising two wonderful teenage sons, she also enjoys outdoor sports, music, and spending time on the beach with her family.


Pine C.


Pine graduated from Brian Utting School of Massage and has enjoyed offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Craniosacral Therapy ever since. Pine is also a long-time yoga practitioner. She is fascinated by the ability to change one’s body through focused, intentional activity and enjoys assisting people in that process through massage.

preston massage therapist expert dreamclinic seattle

Preston M.


Preston graduated from Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts. Since an early age, he has been a purveyor of running, hiking, cycling, music, and circus arts, and has received a myriad of bodywork related to injuries from these activities. While he feels that these experiences ignited his love for massage, they also give him a unique perspective on clients who engage in similar activities. His approach utilizes a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial release, and therapeutic touch techniques to create a tailored experience for his clients. When not practicing massage, you will likely find Preston running on a trail with his dog, Wooley.

Rachel S.

MA 60724940

Rachel graduated from Cortiva, and has been practicing full time ever since. She enjoys using her intuition and massage techniques to customize her sessions for her clients, some of which are Swedish, Myofascial and Stretching. Finding massage to help to relieve her own stress and mental tension, she was amazed at how much better and calmer she felt. That feeling never left her even as she wanders from the healing path of massage only to return later, and with much prompting from her loved ones, she finally buckled down and started massage school to graduate a year later. She enjoys working at the clinic, learning and growing, her goal is to help heal as many people as possible, while also having fun. She brings that into her own style of massage, wanting to help those that suffer under the weight of their own minds. Rachel enjoys discovering all there is to know about the human body and how massage can help heal, not just the body but the mind and spirit as well.


Rebecca C.


Rebecca graduated from Bellevue Massage School  turning a long-standing interest in body and energy work into a new career. She believes that massage is an important element in reclaiming and maintaining wellness on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She tailors each session to meet her clients’ needs and to help them experience and work with the healing wisdom of their own body/mind/spirit. Rebecca offers injury treatment, deep tissue, swedish, manual ligament therapy (MLT), Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki. She is also endorsed by the state to provide intraoral massage for TMJ.


Stefanie S.


Stefanie graduated from The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and from SUNY college at Purchase where she earned a BFA in dance performance. For six years she worked as part of the parent faculty at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC, teaching pediatric medical residents about chronic care of medically fragile children in the home, school, and community. She draws on her diverse life experience and her decades of training as a dancer to create a massage experience that matches her clients’ needs, with each unique session she designs. She uses Deep Tissue, Cupping, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Swedish massage.

Sultan S.


Sultan served with US Army back home in Afghanistan as a translator, where he had to sit behind the desk and translate tons of manuals and admittedly was not observing or being aware of proper body ergonomics. Coming to the USA changed everything for him and he was looking for a good career where he could truly help people when he discovered massage therapy.  Soon after graduation he stepped into the field working with a chiropractic office and got more CEUs in Massage and Manual therapy for Orthopedic Conditions. Sultan specializes in an injury treatment approach where he will help clients develop effective massage plans for their desired outcome.  He enjoys incorporating a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Sports Massage, MET, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and stress management techniques. He will often times recommend exercise and stretching techniques because it is important to take care of yourself off of the massage table too!

Tim Miller

Timothy M.


Tim began to pursue bodywork as an adjunct career to his summer work as a fly fishing guide in the Katmai region of Alaska. After graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage he spent 3 months in Thailand studying Thai Massage and experiencing the Buddhist/beach culture. One winter of working in Vail, Colorado at Aria Spa and he realized that pain management, holistic health care and the study of the intricate human body were aspects of therapy he wanted to pursue further so Tim  enrolled in the Acupuncture program at Bastyr University in Seattle. Tim uses Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai massage, Tui Na, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Acupressure and facilitated breathing in most of his massage work.

Wayne T.


Wayne graduated from Seattle’s Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy with 1000 hours of training. He has a specialized and passionate focus in Traditional Thai massage, with additional studies in Myofascial Release, and Cupping Therapy. Wayne also instructs beginning and advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Kinesiology courses at the Cortiva Institute as well. A self-proclaimed “anatomy geek”, Wayne enjoys finding new ways to teach fascinating information about the body to both students and clients alike. When he’s not massaging or teaching, he enjoys biking through the city, frequenting the wilderness of the PNW, and drinking a fantastically brewed cup of Yerba Mate. He describes his massage as “compassionately effective and intuitively therapeutic.