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A new year with a new calendar makes for a new chance to grow in your practice. As 2015 winds down, it offers all of us an opportunity to look back over the year and take stock of what we have accomplished, where our challenges lie, and how we can improve over the coming year.
Sure, we all know that we want to be good at our job—not to mention successful. But, what does that mean for you? Take a few minutes to consider the quality of your clients’ experience at your hands, and see if some goals or resolutions for 2016 reveal themselves.

Of course, you’ll want to consider the quality of massage that you offer:
• Beginning with the first touch
• Massaging the full muscle
• Setting the right speed
• Keeping your skills fresh

Beyond your touch, there’s your massage space and the feeling & atmosphere that you create:
• Maintaining your massage room
• Managing music

The empathy you give and your clients’ sense of connection with you are part of it, too:
• Empowering client communication
• Creating space for clients to speak up
• Clarifying their real needs
• Even on bad days

All of those, together with getting great results for your clients and having a positive effect on their well-being, contribute to a sense of being “good” at what you do. Being “successful” can be as simple as enjoying that effect, knowing that you’ve benefited your clients. It can also be a matter of keeping busy and growing your clientele so that you get to keep enjoying having that kind of positive influence on people’s lives:
• Inviting clients to return
• Seeking referrals

However you choose to measure your performance and satisfaction, we hope these best practices, shared courtesy of Dreamclinic Massage, will present new opportunities for growth and development in 2016.

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