Has working from home disrupted your self-care?

Working from home, it seems like there is less free time than ever. Yet all that extra screen-time can take a toll on your body, leading to tension headaches and stubborn muscle knots. Below are the top three reasons more busy professionals are increasingly taking advantage of in-home massage:

1. Improved Health. Massage is well known to reduce muscle tension, lower stress and is a great way to boost your immune system.

2. Convenience. In-home massage saves you time and, whether it’s childcare or work demands, sometimes just an extra 30 minutes saved makes all the difference.

3. Safety. A lot of people are still being very cautious and looking to avoid public spaces.  With in-home massage you are only dealing with one visitor to your own home.

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    Lack of time creating new demand for home-based massage therapy.

    We all know that self-care is important. If you are stressed and hurting, this can significantly impact your mood, energy levels and overall quality of life. Massage helps bring you back to functioning and has been the most popular natural-health modality for stress relief for decades. Our habits of where and how we receive massage, however, are starting to change. Lack of time is the number one factor people cite for why they don’t get bodywork more often. With home-schooling and other responsibilities, spare time may be hard to find. Massage in your home is ideal because you save all the time you might otherwise spend arranging for childcare or pet-care, driving somewhere and back, and dealing with parking. If safety is a top priority, you may also find service in your home to be a safer experience than going out in public. Because Mobile massage therapists are trained in specific health safety precautions and because you have full control over the environment in your home, the risks are well managed.

    About Dreamclinic In-home service

    • Service available from Everett to Tacoma, Downtown Seattle to Sammamish.
    • Therapists bring all massage supplies and equipment. (Your provide the linens)
    • Therapists follow all state health and safety guidelines.
    • Online scheduling up to 2 days in advance. Call 206-525-0726 or email for shorter notice.

    Your massage therapy needs to meet your individual needs

    With in-home massage you get the benefit of convenience and safety. But there is another dimension that should not be overlooked in deciding on your in-home massage therapy provider. Massage is very personal and you want to know that the therapist that comes to your house will be able to meet your specific needs. You want someone who knows how the body works and also knows how to listen, who will understand your goals for your massage session and is comfortable enough to ask for and receive feedback. A good massage therapist does all these things and sets you at ease!

    The challenge in the massage industry is that a lot of qualified massage professionals produce mediocre results because they aren’t trained how to optimally manage the intake to truly understand your goals. Sometimes you might have a nagging area of tension but that does not mean that’s the only area you want to work on. Conversely, sometimes you really need to relax but you might want extra focus on a problem area – your shoulders or arms for example, if you have been typing a lot. A skilled massage therapist will formulate an effective treatment plan for your problem areas and is able to incorporate techniques to trigger the relaxation response. Like a good personal trainer, your in-home massage therapist can become your long-term partner in health, working with you on a regular schedule and helping you function at your best today and down the road. 

    Dreamclinic, founded in Seattle in 2003, became known as the gold standard for massage therapy in the Northwest. The company  began offering home-based massage therapy services in 2020. We hire true massage experts, then provide further training so that you will receive a customized massage plan specific to you each and every visit. With a Dreamclinic therapist, a session always begins with a conversation about your goals and you can be assured that the massage session will deliver the results you want. Our relationship-centered approach to massage therapy, refined and tested over two decades has proven to deliver the highest levels of client satisfaction in the industry.

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    Save $50 on your 1st visit

    Schedule your first in-home visit today and we will match our lowest member rate plus we’ll waive the setup fee – for a total savings of $50!

    Use Promo Code: RECHARGE

    Recharge with in-home massage

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