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We’ve all heard from clients the occasional horror stories of their having been “brutalized” in a session with another massage therapist in which techniques were used that were so deep as to be painful and leave them bruised. Some of us may have even experienced that type of massage ourselves. How does that happen?

While clients do have different levels of sensitivity to pressure and it’s always important to check in with them about it, it’s also essential to consider the speed with which we administer deep techniques. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if you know that you’re going for depth, slow way down and make sure that the tissue lets you in first. Otherwise, you’re going to be tearing through muscle tissue and causing your clients unnecessary pain. That kind of pain can alienate clients, not just from you as a practitioner, but from massage in general. Then their stories to their friends and family can even leave others scared of ever getting massage in the first place.

If you know you’re strong, really take the time to check yourself and see if your speed is correct for the level of pressure you are using. If you think that you might be going too fast, slow down and keep checking in with your client. To keep in touch with the client’s experience as you work your way in, you can ask:

“How’s the pressure for you as I work here?”

“Is it ok if I go a little deeper now?”

“How’s that?”

Remembering that it’s not just about the pressure, but also the speed can help you better calibrate your deep work on your clients to ensure that they enjoy an effective session with you that leaves them feeling great.

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