Onsite chair massage for the workplace & corporate events in the Portland area.

Workplace Massage in Portland, Oregon. 

A healthy team is important whether you are a small local business or a Fortune 500. Today, companies are increasingly turning to Seated Massage right at the office, for its proven health benefits. Dreamclinic Workplace Massage is a leading provider of Workplace massage and we invite you to partner with us in enhancing your team’s wellness. Whether you’re looking to set up regular massage service or a one-time event – getting started with Dreamclinic onsite service is easy.

If you are a current Dreamclinic Workplace Massage client, click here to schedule a massage appointment online.


Recurring Massage Service at your office

Dreamclinic is the PDX trusted provider of corporate massage for leading companies like Boeing, The Polyclinic, Twitter, and Bright Horizons, along with other organizations, ranging from non-profits, to small creative offices or mid-size financial, legal or technical companies.  Employees love workplace massage for the incredible convenience of it and the opportunity to de-stress and reduce aches right at the place of work.

Dreamclinic Workplace offers several payment models and partners with you to tailor the service specifically for your organization’s size and needs.


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[h3]Optimal Schedule[/h3]
We help you choose the best schedule and frequency of service for your company’s size and expected participation



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[h3]The right therapist for your team[/h3]
We assign the best-fit therapist for your particular event or workplace environment.



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[h3]Tools to help Build Awareness[/h3]
We provide ready-made marketing tools about the massage service so it’s easy to get the buzz going.



To get started with recurring service at your workplace,

call us at (206) 525-0726 or request a custom quote today:

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We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and invite you to contact us at:

Phone: (206) 525-0726
Email: [email protected]


Employee-Paid Model

MTNeckMany companies wish to invest in their team, yet face budget constraints. Our employee-paid model for onsite massage is the ideal solution.  Dreamclinic Workplace employee-paid model allows your team members to pay for massage services directly, with transactions processed at the time of service using our secure credit card readers.  There is no direct financial cost to your company!  The employee-paid model is popular because employees still perceive the service as a benefit and appreciate the great convenience of workplace massage and the fact you have taken steps to help them reduce their stress and tension.

Company-Paid Model

Want to incorporate an affordable long-term benefit into your company’s line up, whether to improve your appeal to new hires or help reduce stress and absenteeism?  The company-paid workplace massage model is a way to accomplish that. With online scheduling and convenient service reminders that Dreamclinic provides, the service practically runs itself and your employees feel truly valued and appreciated. Join those companies experiencing a return on investment of $3.40 for every dollar invested in wellness initiatives as shown by reduced turnover, increased productivity and decreased insurance claims (Health Canada).

Included at no additional cost to you as part of our services:

  • Workplace massage by Dreamclinic Massage, Chair massageMassage chair or Massage table
  • Massage supplies
  • Music player
  • Free online scheduling
  • Service reminder emails
  • Ready made marketing materials to fit your needs (flyers, table tents, stand-alone posters, etc.)
  • Full coordination of staffing and logistical details
  • Last minute therapist coverage, if needed.


One-Time Events

Whether you are organizing a health fair, celebration, or employee appreciation event, our massage therapists come right to you and bring everything they need to provide a relaxing and uplifting day of onsite massage. Depending on the size and specific needs your event, Dreamclinic can provide varying options for service:

  • Chair massage or table massage
  • Massage service durations varying from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length
  • One massage therapist or multiple, depending on the size of your group
  • Schedule massage sessions using your own sign up system, or use one of Dreamclinic’s pre-made templates to make scheduling massage sessions easy
  • The option to continue with recurring service after your event

To add massage to your next event, call us at (206) 525-0726 or request a custom quote today:

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Once we have the needed information about your event, we will tailor the service to fit your needs, provide a final quote, and confirm your reservation. We require a minimum service duration of 4 hours for each day of service. If you have additional questions, read through our Workplace Massage FAQ to see how easy it is to get started with our services.
If you have trouble with our web form, or have any additional questions about setting up an event, contact us today:

Phone: (206) 525-0726
Email: [email protected]

Once you schedule service and agree on the schedule, we provide all the rest – wonderful massage staff, scheduling tools, a specially designed massage chair or table, sanitizing supplies, music, and other supplies as needed for your one-time or recurring engagement.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]