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Not all Teams are Created Equal

Someone wiser than us once said: “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  At Dreamclinic we have found this to be true.  Our success is driven by two equal forces: the needs of our clients and the passion of our team.

You Are A Professional, You Deserve to be Treated Like One

We believe in elevating massage therapy & acupuncture as an integral form of everyday healthcare and that starts with the care of our therapists.  Our unique environment is professional, compassionate and co-creative.  
We build sustainable careers for therapists with living wages, on-going mentoring and a community of therapists engaged in healthy self-care and dynamic professional growth.

Join the Dreamclinic Team

We recognize that to take good care of our clients, we must first take care of ourselves. We support the development and excellence of our team and offer an environment that is professional, compassionate and where the voices of all team members are valued.

Dreamclinic offers an opportunity to intentionally create a career path that fits your personality, lifestyle and professional development goals.  We are currently hiring for:

Massage Therapists

  • Full-time Workplace Massage 
  • Full-time In-Clinic Massage
  • Hybrid of Workplace & In-Clinic

Acupuncturists / East Asian Medical Practitioners

  • Part-time or Full-time

Client Service Specialists

  • Part-time or Full-time

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What staff members say about working at Dreamclinic:

  • I have been a massage therapist at Dreamclinic for almost six years and cannot imagine a better place to practice! Dreamclinic has brought together the most amazing group of therapists– I love to come to work every day and count my coworkers as my true friends. Because Dreamclinic is owned by a former therapist and values our opinions in the every day workings of the business, it is truly focused on providing therapists the best environment to succeed. The fantastic reputation and word of mouth referrals bring the best clients into our clinic. I am fortunate enough to still have clients I saw that very first week I started working. I wholeheartedly endorse Dreamclinic as the best place to do massage in Seattle and hope to be a part of its dynamic team for years to come.–Carlie, Massage Therapist

  • I really do enjoy coming to work. Whenever I am here, I feel a sense of belonging and appreciation. The team that we have here is so focused on client well-being! Everyone is so unique, but comes together for a common goal: healing.–Mel, Admin.

  • The therapists that work at Dreamclinic represent such a wide array of methodologies by which they treat that it shows in their day to day interactions and the information they wish to share. That in itself makes it an interesting, energetic and thoughtful environment to work in.–Amy, Client Services Specialist

  • Working for Dreamclinic is like working for a parent. You’re protected, cared for, respected and acknowledged for your hard work.–Gunnar, Massage Therapist

  • I really enjoy working with such excellent therapists whom all are good people. It’s an honor to work at the Dreamclinic.–John, Massage Therapist