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Frequently thought of as a condition that afflicts tennis players and golfers, tendonitis can affect people of all ages and activity levels all across the globe. The condition is caused by inflammation in the soft tissues that connect our muscles to our bones. This inflammation can result in pain, loss of motion, and, for many, the inability to enjoy activities they once loved. It may even interfere with everyday movements such as driving, typing, and climbing up stairs.

When these symptoms arise, the most common treatments prescribed are steroid injections and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. For those who seek a more natural and holistic approach to treating chronic pain, acupuncture may offer much-needed relief.

In one study, published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, patients aged 18 to 70 suffering from chronic Achilles tendonitis were split into two groups: one treated with acupuncture and one asked to perform resistance exercises. While both groups reported a decrease in their pain, those who underwent acupuncture felt 85 percent more reduction immediately after treatment, and 113 percent more reduction later while at rest.

In another study conducted by Dr. Peter Dorsher, 100 percent of patients experienced pain relief following acupuncture, with “maximal relief” being achieved after an average of 3.9 sessions. What’s more, these patients reported significantly longer lasting results than those of medications and other traditional methods. More than eight months after treatment, 77 percent of patients were still experiencing complete resolution of their symptoms.

Acupuncture for tendonitis uses high-grade surgical steel needles to stimulate the pain points, as well as other acupressure points along the corresponding meridian. The stimulation of these points activates the immune system while also increasing blood flow — both of which help the body jumpstart itself into healing. Acupuncture may also prompt the body to release a surge of endorphins, which can act as immediate relievers of pain.

While individual plans vary, the treatment of tendonitis with acupuncture typically involves multiple sessions. These sessions may last as little as 20 minutes, but can provide months of ongoing relief. If you suffer from tendonitis or other chronic pain, schedule an appointment with a licensed acupuncturist in order to design a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

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