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Shea Wamsley

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Queen Anne


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Medical Education

Cortiva Institute of Therapeutic Massage

Shea W.


I focus primarily on the specific needs of the client by combining Swedish, Deep Tissue & Myofacial techniques as needed to facilitate mental relaxation & physical healing together.


Shea is currently taking a medical leave of absence. His anticipated return is July 2024. If you would like to be notified of his return, please email [email protected] to be added to his client list.

My main focus in my massage is by listening to the clients needs both physically by “hearing” what my client's muscles are saying, as well as what the client verbally communicates to me. I like to communicate with the client to address needs as they arise, working together to insure a positive session for both the client & myself.


Shea provided me one of the best neck, shoulder and cranio massages I’ve ever had. He also took time to get to know my needs on my first visit, was attentive throughout the session and spent time after the massage providing me guidance on how to keep healing. Shea reinforced how medically critical massage therapists are to our health.

Shea was extremely insightful and skilled at identifying issues. Such a great first experience!

Shea is an excellent massage therapist, a great healer and an awesome human being.

Shea is so amazing! Best massage I’ve ever had :)