Dreamclinic Massage Therapy for Camas, Vancouver, Cascade Park and Washougal

Therapeutic massage improves your quality of life by lowering stress, treating muscle aches and muscle-related conditions, and restoring flexibility.  Conveniently located two miles east of Downtown Camas on 3rd Ave, Dreamclinic’s goal is to make quality massage therapy easily accessible for busy people, athletes of all ages and those injured in auto and workplace accidents.from across SW Washington.  Book in conjunction with your physical therapy appointment or as a massage treatment alone. Our highly trained and caring professionals deliver a truly therapeutic experience every time, guaranteed.


Inside Therapeutic Associates

3180 NE 3rd Ave
Camas WA 98607

Booking Link: https://taicamas.fullslate.com/


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Dreamclinic has been one of the most trusted NW names for massage therapy since 2003 with massage clinic locations in Seattle, Camas, Portland, Oregon City, Eugene and Springfield, as well as corporate massage across 6 states

Why us?

Quality Therapeutic Massage from outcome-based, highly skilled therapists who we never stop training.

Integrated Care – Our professionals team together for the best bodywork to speed healing & enable peak performance.

Convenience –Make life simple with your best treatment team under one roof for sports massage, motor vehicle accident/PIP injury recovery and restorative massage.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – You’re in our care and we’ll take care of you.

30, 60 & 90 Minute Services:

Deep Tissue Massage: Deeper massage with cross fiber friction, trigger point work, myofascial release and slow strokes with heavier pressure for area of chronic muscle tension and adhesions

Sports Massage: Invigorating massage with deep tissue work, stretches and focus on specific muscle groups to help you maintain peak athletic performance

Swedish Massage: Ideal for overall relaxation, improved circulation and release from muscle tension (Available in 60 and 90 minute sessions only)

PIP/MVA Treatment:  Typically 60 minutes of focused massage work to address car accident-induced injuries.

How do I book the massage?

Go to https://taicamas.fullslate.com/, and choose the appointment slot you’d like. Taking a minute to register first saves time later.




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