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As a massage therapist, one of the most important considerations is to keep your client comfortable and relaxed. An integral part of that is the temperature of the room. In the Pacific Northwest, I would venture to say that the majority of temperature issues are not that your client is too warm, but rather that they’d like to be warmer. Being warm, of course, has the additional benefit of relaxing your client, which in turn helps to relax their muscles.

If your client expresses that they would like to be warmer, don’t take that as an affront. Everyone’s body temperature has a different thermostat. Here are some simple solutions to make sure your client is comfortable and the temperature is to their liking:

  • Blankets: The easiest one is to keep some blankets on hand, ones you can place over your client as needed.
  • Table warmer: Another good idea is to have a table warmer beneath the sheets that you can turn on for them.
  • Grain packs: Pillows stuffed with rice, buckwheat, or another grain can be microwaved and applied to your client’s body give a soothing, warm heat.
  • Space heater: In general, you want make sure that the actual air temperature in the room is at least at 70 degrees. A space heater can be perfect for that, especially in older or larger buildings where you can’t adjust the thermostat easily. Turn it on before your first client is there. Today there are many makes and models that work quietly and are energy efficient.

If your client is cold during the massage, simply turn to one of these options during the session for additional heat. I promise they’ll thank you later, and the reward will likely be a repeat customer and a referral.

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