Dreamclinic Sponsors Running Evolution Team

Dreamclinic is now a proud sponsor of the Running Evolution team!

Running Evolution is the brain child of Beth Baker. She started the company after having her son (when she found herself 70 pounds more curves). Beth coaches people to start running and keep running. Her goal is to help as many people as possible change their life through the power of exercise.

Running Evolution has an amazing community and has changed the lives of thousands of new runners. More details and information on this exciting program can be found at www.runningevolution.com.

To learn more about becoming a Running Evolution coach, visit www.coachrunningevolution.com.

Client Spotlight on Daulot

dreamclinic massage client spotlight recoveryIt takes endurance, tenacity and maintenance to compete in an ultra marathon — a foot race upwards of 100 miles.


And Daulot Fountain has plenty of each to hold his own in

24-plus-hour races. Daulot has been competing in marathons,ultra marathons and triathlons for 20 years now and has only recently added massage to his rigorous training schedule.

“I think of massage as maintenance, like changing oil in a car,” he said while in training for an upcoming triathlon, a grueling event that sees competitors successively swimming, biking and running with little to no break between.


Daulot has been coming to Dreamclinic for a year and a half.  He originally received treatment for work-related injuries.  An accomplished electrician, Daulot was experiencing pain and tension in his neck and shoulders as well as numbness in his arm.  After a few months of massage, he said the pain was gone and he was back to his old self.


These sessions led to the use of sports massage modalities, and Daulot says, the difference between his performance last year and his performance this year has been overwhelmingly positive.  Rather than fight tension in his body during an event, Daulot says he feels more relaxed and flowing, which definitely gives him a competitive edge.