Client Spotlight on Larry

A family vacation is one of the worst times to get injured, particularly if that injury has long-lasting effects. But that’s exactly how Larry French’s debilitating pain in his shoulders began.



Avid globe-trotters, both Larry and his wife Mary Kay travel
with youth soccer teams, volunteering their time and mentorship. The duo have recently published a book for travel enthusiasts.


Larry and his family were traveling out of town when he tried to rescue some suitcases that were toppling off their car’s luggage rack and wrenched his shoulder in the process.


For a year and a half he went to physical therapy and had regular visits with his chiropractor with little to no difference in pain and range of motion.  His shoulders hurt so badly he often couldn’t sleep. Then he discovered Dreamclinic and, in turn, massage therapist Chris Wesche.

 “I immediately noticed a difference,” Larry says. “It was amazing.  The results were quick and life-impacting.”

The pain was near gone and range of motion restored after just a few visits and, with regular sessions, the pain has yet to return.  Two years after receiving his first massage at Dreamclinic, Larry and his wife Mary Kay are both self-proclaimed “Chris junkies.”

 In conjunction with massage, Larry also stretches and exercises regularly, and based off Chris’ recommendation, takes part in yoga twice a week. Combine those activities with several skiing and sailing trips a year, and you have what he calls a balanced life, allowing him to live it to the fullest.

“You have a choice in life,” he says. “And one of the choices I’ve made is: I’m happy.”