Meditation – The Challenges Can Be Overcome

seattle meditation class

For those of us who are constantly in motion and juggling work, family, and a social life, the idea of sitting still can seem ridiculous. Many people try meditation and find themselves feeling like they’re wasting time, or like they can’t stop thinking about all of their responsibilities. Others think they’re doing it wrong because they don’t feel peaceful or enlightened, even after several attempts.

If you feel like you just don’t “get” meditation or can’t understand the value of sitting silently for an hour, don’t worry. These doubts make sense, and are actually quite common. Although it’s true that meditation comes easier to some, anyone can become a mediation master.

If you feel like meditation is a daunting task, check out some of our expert tips to better understand this ancient practice:

  • Don’t try to imitate Buddha. It’s important to remember that your meditation is solely to help you de-stress and focus on yourself, so make sure that your style of meditation works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Good posture is key. Listen to your body, and if it’s uncomfortable, don’t hurt yourself trying to fold your legs into the traditional meditation position. Sit with a straight back, crossing your legs or sitting in a chair. If this is uncomfortable, you can try lying down.
  • Bring it back to your breathing. Breathe normally and regularly, simply focusing on the rhythm of your breath rather than trying to control it. You can experiment with deep breathing as well, but many people are able to relax with normal breaths.
  • Find a focus point. Closed-eye meditation can be disorienting for beginners, so if you’re having trouble, try lighting a candle or picking one stationary point to focus on.
  • Make it short and sweet. Start by meditating for shorter periods of time, generally five to ten minutes. Increase the duration as you get more comfortable with the concept, adding five minutes every week.

The key is to take meditation in small steps and work your way up to a 45-minute session. But, remember, even if you’re experienced, meditation can still be difficult. Sometimes, you may feel relaxed and enlightened, while other times, it may take extra focus and attention to empty your mind. Make meditation a priority, and you’ll soon notice your practice and diligence paying off.

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