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Are you looking to build your client base? When you already have some happy clients returning to see you, but you still have lots of empty slots in your appointment book, the best way to fill those empty slots is through the slots that are already filled. One of the easiest, but most overlooked marketing tips of all is to turn to those clients who are already coming to see you.

Just letting your clients know that you are working on getting busier and that you’d appreciate any referrals is all it takes. A lot of us shy away from doing it because we don’t want to appear desperate or pushy with our clients. It’s important to remind ourselves that they’re already our friends and fans, or they wouldn’t be coming back to see us.

If your client knew that you were thinking of closing doors and going back to that other career—house-cleaning, writing code, waiting tables, or whatever it was—or that you may have no choice but to abandon your massage practice, they would say “No! Hang on. I’ve got some friends I could send your way.”
Why not give them the opportunity to do that before it’s too late? You’d be surprised how not just willing, but delighted clients are to get to help contribute to your success. Try one of these approaches:

• “It was really great to work on you today. Is there someone you know that you think might benefit from this kind of work?”

• “I’m looking to grow my practice by adding 3-4 new clients this month. Is there anyone you can suggest me to?”

• “I’m working on getting busier in my practice, so I’m looking to take on some new clients. Would you be willing to pass along my card to some friends or coworkers?”

Before you know it, those empty slots will be a thing of the past.

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