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Getting an occasional massage works well for giving yourself a treat, to relieve stress, or if you have a minor area of discomfort that can be addressed in one session.  That’s the beauty of bodywork.  It is important to realize, though, that scheduling regular massage can dramatically improve long-term results both fordeep tissue massage seattl those who want to be proactive about their well-being and those who have ongoing muscle-related aches or tension.

This type of regularly scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how healthy you’ll be and how youthful you’ll remain with each passing year. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your overall health, which includes flexibility, full range of motion, and pain-free movement.  So remember: just because massage feels like an indulgence at times doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic!

When you come in regularly, therapists have the chance to continue to tailor their massage technique to your needs as they get to know you and what works best for your body.  What’s more, over a series of regular visits, habitual patterns of pain and tension can be shifted or resolved as each subsequent treatment further relieves them.  Even those for whom relaxation is a primary goal can find proactive stress relief in regular visits by coming in before the tensions of life have built back up.

Those with a strong focus on fitness, who work out regularly, may find that regular massage in conjunction with their exercise regimen greatly enhances their well-being. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation.  Granted, an active person has better lymph flow than an inactive person. However, stimulation from vigorous physical activity can lead to increased waste buildup in the lymphatic system, which can negate the benefit of that increased flow and lead to soreness. This is where massage has a huge advantage. Massage can dramatically aid lymph movement which rids the body of wastes and toxins.  It can also reduce, or even eliminate, what may appear to be regular exercise-induced pain by loosening contracted, shortened muscles and stimulating weak ones.

Regard massage appointments as a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan, and work with your massage therapist to establish a treatment schedule that best meets your needs.

Many Dreamclinic clients do opt for regular massage and are already aware of the high quality of services we provide.  If you are among them, we want to support you in providing this care for yourself. As part of annual tradition, we are offering a Celebration of Health massage package that allows you to receive regular massage for our lowest price.  With this package, we give you 6 hours of free massage when you purchase 24 hours of massage.  Purchased hours never expire and are fully transferrable to friends and family, if you want to share the Celebration of Health with them, too. Here’s to health!

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.