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You may have noticed that every few years or so, a new diet fad pops up. Paleo diet, South Beach, detox, macrobiotics. There’s even a grapefruit diet! In some cases, these fads can be based in healthy living and even scientific research. But other times, the trend can be full of misconceptions and outdated information. And fads like those can possibly have a negative effect on your health!

But because Dreamclinic stays on top of the trends and the latest research, you have a trusted health source in us.  And for one diet, the paleo diet, that has been gaining in popularity, it’s time to separate fact from fiction. Today, we’ll be seeing how this diet trend stacks up, and whether it’s healthy or harmful to your body.

What Exactly is the Paleo Diet?

This is an excellent question. It also seems that whenever a diet fad pops up, there are variations on what people say counts and doesn’t count. However, the paleo diet is fairly easy to define. At its core, the diet is about getting back to how our ancestors may have eaten long ago. This often means more fresh foods and less processed foods and no flour products.  Imagine eating only what a caveman had access to.

What Might a Typical Paleo Meal Look Like?

The best way to get a sense of how a meal might look is through well-known recipe sites. You can check out a few here and here. But examples include, roasted chicken breast, fresh fish, hard-boiled eggs, trail mix, and fresh fruit and vegetables. But instead of regular bread buns, you might try avocado buns. Or instead of turning to dairy, you’d rely on alternatives.

What About the Critics and the Gurus?

Every health movement seems to have them: the people that claim to know it all and the people who say it’s all wrong. The paleo diet has many hardcore adherents that say it helps with weight issues and allergies. But we also wanted to give you a rounded perspective on this diet trend. What are the critics saying? One common criticism is that there isn’t any single diet that our ancestors ate. After all, when you think about it, different areas of the world had access to different resources. Another criticism compares how paleo diet gurus aren’t living in caves or putting on loin cloths like our ancestors either.

But What Does the Science Say?

At Dreamclinic, we  always turn to the latest research when it comes to new trends. And for the paleo diet, studies are showing positive aspects. For example, there’s evidence that the diet promotes weight loss and helps reset metabolic issues. And this scientific study showed improved circulatory function, increased insulin sensitivity and improved blood pressure. This was true even for people who tried the diet out for a short period.

What’s the Final Verdict on the Paleo Diet?

Whether or not the positive results from this diet can be attributed to its approach is still debatable. Eating less processed foods and consuming less  sugar is normally a good health move and may account for much of the benefits.  Une thing is for certain—trying this diet is sure to change your outlook on how we eat in the 21st Century.

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