[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are truly excited to announce that as of October 21 2019, Dreamclinic has launched its new Healthy-Living Enthusiast membership program. 

The Enthusiast monthly member fee of $88 gives you a monthly 1-hour massage and savings on any additional sessions.  Unused sessions roll-over to next month or they can be easily shared with friends and family.  The plan is month-to-month; members can opt out at any time with thirty days’ notice. Learn More Here.

If you already participate in our loyalty member program (8% discount and rewards points), you will have the option to finish out your current membership year or to convert to the Enthusiast program.  Just ask one of our Customer Service specialists in person or on the phone.

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Dreamclinic’s Healthy Lifestyle Membership Program rewards your choice of regular bodywork as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Members receive a 8% discount on all our therapeutic services plus 5% back in rewards points. You also get access to member exclusive offers and promotions. Expect your membership to pay for itself after approximately three visits.


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Member Rewards

Membership graphic

300 Hot Stone Upgrade
Added to a 60 or 90 minute massage session
1000 30 Minute Massage
Option to convert to a gift certificate
1500 Acupuncture Session
Option to convert to a gift certificate
1800 60 Minute Massage
Option to convert to a gift certificate

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Member Benefits


[list_item]Instant discounts

Receive an automatic 8% discount on massage, acupuncture, or tranquility sessions.


[list_item]Points for all your purchases

In addition to the member discount, earn a point for every dollar you spend. Points never expire as long as you remain a member.


[list_item]Enjoy rewards

Redeem points for more massage or acupuncture for you or convert into gift certificates.


[list_item]Earn bonus points

Earn double or triple points with periodic member exclusive promotions.


[list_item]Gifts galore

Earn rewards points even when you purchase gift certificates, packages, or merchandise.


[list_item]Biggest savings on packages

Purchase a 10-hr massage package and enjoy a total savings of 15%!  Share packages with friends and family.


[list_item]Qualify for free renewal

Your annual renewal fee is waived when you receive 12 or more hours of bodywork in the prior year.



Points never expire as long as you remain a member.
Rewards items are subject to change.
Member discounts cannot be combined with other offers.
Dreamclinic membership terms of service apply.

Read the Membership FAQ