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One of the biggest obstacles that comes up when you’re trying to build a client base—whether working for someone else, or in your own private practice—is building the habit of simply asking clients to come back to see you. Just about every therapist knows that it is supposed to be good business practice, but the average therapist isn’t comfortable even asking a client to reschedule. They state that doing so feels “pushy” or “salesy.”

Let’s take a moment to talk about this dichotomy. What is really happening? Are we really being pushy? Are we really being salesy? Or are we, instead, being considerate and doing the client a favor? Think back to your last dental appointment. When you were asked: “Can we follow up with you for your next appointment?” you likely happily agreed.

You see, there are many situations when you, as a consumer, actually appreciate a reminder—especially if you know you tend to get overly busy, or, like me, forget to put things on your schedule. What about your hairstylist? Or your personal trainer? Most service providers will offer to call or email with a reminder about your appointment. By and large, those are welcome—as long as we have a relationship with the provider.

Remember that when we don’t offer to make it easy to rebook a service, not only do we not get credit for being considerate, but it can actually come across as uncaring or even negligent. I realize it’s difficult to break the mental mindset that you are “making a sale,” as opposed to offering a genuine service.

It is a necessity for massage therapists to break this false association with being “salesy” and realize that once clients have actually tried and love your massage, they know that it’s beneficial for their health and will welcome your invitation to be a return customer.

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