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What’d you have for lunch? Was it a burger? Lasagna? Perhaps it was a delicious taco—a spicy Mexican treat with lots and lots of delicious onions? Mmm… Sounds good, but that was your lunch break. Now, you’re about to see a client. Are they going to experience your fine, effective massage technique, or are they going to experience the fragrance of your recently consumed lunch? It’s all about context. Onions smell great at the dinner table, but not so good on the massage table.

We’ve talked about the importance of making sure that you eat enough, so, you can remember that a hearty lunch is a good, good thing. It’ll give you the energy to give your afternoon clients solid, quality work and to feel great while doing it. It’s important, though, to make sure that your lunch stays on your lunch break.

Part of your preparation, not just after lunch, but before each session, needs to include a quick hygiene check—part of which could be a quick tooth-brushing or popping a mint into your mouth.  Maybe you prefer to use a mouthwash. Whichever breath-freshening method works for you, make sure you take a moment for it before each new client.

After ensuring the room is the right temperature, the music is the right style for your client, the atmosphere is professional and you’ve discussed a clear massage plan; it is important that you don’t let your next session be dominated by the smell of garlic or onions from your recent, delicious, scrumptious meal. Minor details such as this can lead to an unpleasant experience to the client and potentially them not re-booking with you.

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