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CravelogoCRAVE books feature women business owners and their keys to success from all the major metropolitan areas of the US.

This year, The CRAVE Company published its Seattle edition and additionally published a specialized CRAVE Spa Book for Beauty and Wellness featuring the Puget Sound as its pilot area calling the book, “the ultimate guide to beauty and wellness in the Puget Sound.” CRAVE describes the aim of their collection of books as celebrating “all of the gutsy, creative, local proprietors you need to know.”

Dreamclinic and especially it’s founder, Larisa Goldin, are featured as one of this region’s top women entrepreneurs in the CRAVE Beauty and Wellness book. To take a look at the Dreamclinc spread in the CRAVE book online.

The entire book is packed full if get away retreats, and businesses to visit to help you keep your body and mind healthy and happy. As a special bonus, when you purchase a Crave Beauty and Wellness book you will get, “more than 35 at-home recipes, including more tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best. With an additional 30+ discounts included inside.”

If you would like to purchase a CRAVE book and get your hands on exclusive tips and special offers from women owned businesses throughout the Puget Sound, visit their online store.

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