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While you can’t change or fix the fact that holidays can bring on extra stress for your clients, you can choose to give them the greatest gift of all this time of year—peace. You can choose to consciously make your practice a place apart from such. That doesn’t mean you skip hanging up some twinkly lights. With these dark days, we all need a few extra photons, wherever we can get them. It just means that you keep to your healing intention, knowing that you are holding a space for your clients where nothing is expected of them, where there’s no agenda, where they can really relax and freely receive the nourishing & healing treatment you have to offer.

Just consciously reminding yourself of, and holding to, that intention to be a haven helps you to embody that healing ideal. You may find that keeping your focus on holding that space for your clients, paradoxically, helps you stay more grounded and centered, better able to channel away any of the harried or frenzied energy they may be carrying.

When you talk with your clients:

  • Engage them with questions about how they are doing, rather than about what their holiday plans are.
  • If they do go into the difficulties of their plans or family dynamics, help direct their awareness back to themselves and their own well-being. After a couple words of empathy, ask them how they are feeling in the midst of all that & whether they notice a physical response to the stress.

As massage therapists, we have a unique opportunity to be a “holiday haven” for both those craving connection at a lonely time & those who might need some space from the chaos of their family connections, giving them (and us!) a much-needed gift of seasonal serenity.

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