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Dreamclinic is truly honored to have its longstanding partnership with the University of Washington (UW) Intercollegiate Athletics. As a beacon of excellence in sports massage therapy, Dreamclinic has been at the forefront of providing specialized care to student-athletes, contributing to their performance, recovery, and overall well-being. This collaboration embodies our commitment to excellence and the pivotal role of sports massage in athletic achievement.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Proven Partnership: Over a decade of collaboration with UW Athletics, serving hundreds of student-athletes across various sports.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Tailored massage programs for football, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, golf and other intercollegiate teams.
  3. Performance and Recovery: Regular sports massage contributes to enhanced athletic performance, muscle elasticity, and injury prevention.

The Relationship Details

Dreamclinic’s relationship with UW Intercollegiate Athletics is a testament to our expertise and the trust we’ve built in the area of Sports Massage over more than ten years. UW, a member of the NCAA Division I-FBS and competing in the Pacific-12 Conference, has a diverse and talented roster of over 700 student-athletes. Dreamclinic’s role in their athletic program is multifaceted, providing on-site massage services to the football and volleyball teams at their facilities and welcoming athletes from gymnastics, tennis, basketball, and golf to our clinic locations on a weekly basis.

“Thank you so much! The girls have really enjoyed going off site for massages so it’s worked out great. Thanks again for working with us and being so accommodating!”

The Impact on Teams

The partnership between Dreamclinic and UW Athletics is not just about offering massage services; it’s about integrating sports massage into the athletes’ regular training and recovery programs. This approach has proven beneficial for enhancing sports performance, maintaining muscle elasticity, and significantly reducing the risk of injuries. Targeted sports massage sessions ensure that athletes can achieve optimal power and performance, essential for excelling in highly competitive environments and giving athletes a competitive edge.

The Importance of Sports Massage

Sports massage is an invaluable component of modern athletic training. Its benefits extend far beyond relaxation and recovery, impacting athletes’ performance in several key ways:

  • Enhanced Performance: Regular sports massage improves muscle elasticity and flexibility, leading to increased power and performance. This is crucial for athletes across all disciplines, from the explosive power required in football and basketball to the endurance and precision in tennis and golf.
  • Injury Prevention: Tight muscles are more prone to injuries. By ensuring muscles are loose and flexible, sports massage significantly reduces the risk of strains, sprains, and other common sports injuries.
  • Faster Recovery: Sports massage aids in the quicker recovery of muscles by enhancing blood circulation. This increased blood flow accelerates the removal of toxins and replenishes muscle tissues with vital nutrients, helping athletes to recover faster and more effectively from training and competitions.

Growing Together

The partnership between Dreamclinic and UW Athletics has grown stronger over the years, evolving to meet the changing needs of student-athletes. This dynamic relationship is a cornerstone of Dreamclinic’s commitment to supporting the athletic and personal development of athletes of all ages. By continually refining our services and techniques, at Dreamclinic, we aim to keep pace with the advancements in sports science, ensuring that UW athletes always have access to the best in massage therapy.


The collaboration between Dreamclinic and the University of Washington Athletics Department exemplifies the critical role of sports massage in the world of collegiate sports. It’s a partnership that enhances athletic performance and fosters a culture of overall health and well-being among student-athletes. Dreamcilinic looks forward to continuing this fruitful relationship and remains dedicated to providing exceptional care that meets the unique needs of each athlete, helping them to achieve their highest potential both on and off the field.

(Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

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