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Dreamclinic clients pay only $25 for their first Float Session, normally a $90 session! Use the promocode “dream25” when booking at

Our new wellness partner, Lift Float provides an open, relaxed and personalized experience, focusing on effectiveness, comfort and convenience. Most float centers have “pods” with lids that close, which have been known to feel more claustrophobic to new floaters. In contrast, Life Float has open pools that are luxurious, spacious, and private, providing an unrestricted floating experience with all of the the key floating benefits. Their private float rooms contain all the amenities you will need for a restorative experience.

Why Float?

• Reduce impacts on stress and anxiety.
• Minimise or eliminate chronic pain.
• Increase muscle recovery.
• Enhance concentration.
• Stimulate creativity.
• Increase mental clarity.

What’s in the Pool?

• Epsom Salt — About 1600 pounds of pharmaceutical Epsom salt create a buoyant Dead Sea-like floating experience that suspends you within 10 inches of water, effortlessly.
• Water temperature — The water temperature is the same temperature of your skin, so it is hard to tell where your body begins and ends within the water.
• Noise Controlled — The rooms are quiet, blocking out any noise so that your senses can be free of distraction. Within the float pool you’ll have access to music, silence or ambient sound, specifically chosen for its ability to assist the mind in downshifting to states of profound relaxation.
• Reduced Visual Stimulation — float pools are equipped with a specially designed lighting system that can help ease the transition from overstimulation to relaxation.

What Will Happen While I Float?

Once you are in the pool, your job is to relax and float freely. With reduced sensory input and no need to deal with gravity, your mind and body suddenly have amazing excess capacity to focus inward and regain balance. There is no wrong way to float, so your job will be to relax and let go.

Life Float is located across the street from REI in South Lake Union at 213 Yale Ave. Seattle, WA Call (206) 624-1264 or check out their website for more info. Offer is good till October 31st.

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.