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Client Spotlight on Mindy

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Mindy Ziffren-Hall races for Team Group Health women’s cycling team.  She’s won seven state championships and achieved 40 victories in six seasons.  Mindy loves skiing, running, swimming

and, of course, competitive cycling.


“There are so many things I like about Dreamclinic that I don’t know where to begin,” she says. “First of all, since day one the entire staff cares about my health and well-being.  Secondly, I love that I can receive massage from any therapist at Dreamclinic and be confident that it will be great and I will get results.  Larisa has a wonderful review process before hiring therapists to make sure that they are the best!”


Mindy began receiving regular massage in 2000, the same time she began competitive racing.  During her most rigorous training and racing times she likes to get massage once every three to four weeks. Massage helps with recovery, relaxation and injury prevention.

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