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Client Spotlight on Kristine

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kristineKris is a graphic designer and medical illustrator, as well as the owner of Cognition Studio.  Kris keeps healthy by running, cycling, weight training and doing Pilates.  She also enjoys hiking, aerobics, t’ai chi, and yoga.

Kris came to Dreamclinic after she began to experience severe muscle fatigue and strain following her runs.  During her first visit, Larisa, Dreamclinic owner and massage therapist, discovered the problem — scar tissue and adhesions resulting from recent surgery were causing restricted range of motion in Kris’ right hip.  Her left leg was compensating for the injured right side and becoming fatigued in the process

“After the very first session, I felt completely different and more myself than I had in 2 years!” she says.  Since completing her treatment plan, Kris has regained full range of motion and “the freedom to move the way my body was meant to move.”  She says the personal attention she received at Dreamclinic was invaluable.  “Larisa showed me the muscles on a chart and explained the procedure in detail so that I understood everything.  Her knowledge and compassion are profound.”

Having recovered full and pain-free range of motion, Kris now plans to get occasional massage to help avoid muscle fatigue and speed recovery after intense runs.  “I believe that getting regular massages helps you stay in tune with your body.  Understanding how your body works will make you a more educated and efficient athlete.”

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