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Joyce Lagow is a brand manager in the food service group at Starbucks as well as a competitive cyclist for Team Starbucks Duetto Visa.


Her involvement inathletics started early when she began spending weeks at a time hiking and camping with her family in Oregon.  In high school, she competed in basketball and softball, which led to skiing and weight lifting in her twenties (at one point she could life 210 pounds — twice her weight!).


Never one to rest, Joyce tackled rock climbing before discovering a setback in cycling: she found herself struggling just to finish races.  Rather than give up, she found a new coach and a new resolve.  A year later she won the Washington State Masters Criterium Championship.


Joyce now lends her expertise and support to her cycling team.  “I am committed to building the roster with women who are dedicated to supporting each other as a team,” she says.  “Given the talent on the team now, I anticipate having an impressive season.”


Joyce is also a big proponent of massage.  “In terms of racing, massage is critical to the recovery process.  There is a clear correlation to my performance as an athlete and how consistently I employ massage during the racing season.”

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