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With a strong background in competitive sports, Jennifer Triplett recently joined the Starbucks Duetto Visa Category 4 cycling squad for her first year of racing.  A Pacific Northwest native, her athleticism started at a young age where she participated in basketball, soccer, softball, track and field, ski team and volleyball.


“This season has been amazing,” Jennifer said. “Thanks to proper training, nutrition, massage and support from friends, family and teammates, I am accomplishing my dreams.”


Jennifer says she recommends massage as part of anyone’s training program, regardless of what sport they’re competing in.  She sees a Dreamclinic therapist for 90 minutes every three weeks.  “Believe me,” she says. “It works.”


“I have been supplementing my training every three weeks with massage since January.  I time it so I have a massage at least 2 days prior to a big race or event and then use the time on the table as meditation.  While my muscles are soothed and relaxed, I visualize tactics and most importantly crossing through the finish line first.


“Thank you to all of those people who believe in me – and here’s to getting to the Olympics!”

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