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Brook is the living embodiment of the expression “work hard, play hard.” She obtained her doctorate in chemical oceanography from the University of Washington in 2004.  While she pursued her degree, she spent her free time as a successful multi-sport racer, competing at the national level in both triathlons and adventure races.


Brook’s athletic career emerged out of a natural tendency to dabble in all sports.  Running, biking, climbing and swimming were just a way of relaxing.  At the same time, her first priority is to always have fun. True to form, the picture at left shows Brook on her wedding day, ready to surf!


Brook was injured in May 2003 when a car hit her while she was riding. “My hip made a popping noise and both my knees were really hurting,” she said.  Her physical therapist thought she would not be able to race for several years, but Brook refused to accept this.  She decided to try massage therapy to expedite her progress.  She received treatment twice a week for six weeks and was able to run again by the end of the summer.


“It is shocking how much it can help you recover,” she says.  “Especially for those of us who go, go, go.”
Brook says the main difference between Dreamclinic and other massage places she’s been to was the therapists’ willingness to learn and research.  “They listened to my problems, would make a few suggestions on the spot, and then e-mail me later with what they found out,” she said.

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