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Adriel is a very active custom yacht designer who enjoys biking,running, swimming, skiing, triathlons, trail running, sailing and hiking.  After an automobile accident, his general practitioner and chiropractor both recommended that Adriel undergo massage therapy for his low back and neck pain.  So, Adriel contacted Dreamclinic and began a course of treatment with weekly massage sessions.

Adriel is very enthusiastic about the results of his therapy.  “Massage has increased my recovery rate more than any other factor,” he says.  He also gave high marks to the Dreamclinic staff: “The people at Dreamclinic are caring and compassionate. To them, it is much more than a vocation. The feeling you get from treatment at Dreamclinic is more than subjective, more than an emotion.  You can tell through a series of acts that they want to be deeply involved in each client’s health and well-being.”

As he put it, “Why would you live in pain and discomfort when you don’t have to?”

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