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The events, classes and workshops are detailed below. We are thrilled to support the thriving health and wellness community in throughout the Seattle and Redmond area.  

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Rent Space at Dreamclinic

If you are looking for an event space we have 3 locations with class rooms that are available to rent.

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Step Into Your Power Learn Soaring Crane Qigong!

8 Week Level 1 Fall Training Series

Begins Saturday September 29th 11am-12:30

The Dreamclinic, 4519 1⁄2 University Way NE, Seattle, Wa. Limited to 12 students, Cost is $190 before 9/15, $220 after 

By replenishing our Qi, and smoothing out the flow of life energy we naturally feel relaxed and energized, awake and inspired ! Qi is somewhat like cash in that once we have access to more of it we can spend it on whatever we like, and so Qigong can enhance our healing potential, our athletic performance or our creativity. It can liven up our sex life and or give us more energy for work and career, or we can use it for spiritual awakening. How we use this Qi is essentially up to us. 

*Qigong is an exercise system based on Chinese medicine

The Benefits of Soaring Crane Qigong Include

-Improved Health And Well-Being

-Increased Energy And Stamina 

-Reduced Pain and Stiffness 

-Increased Sexual Energy 

Limited to 12 students, Cost is $190 before 9/15, $220 after
Returning students $175

Chakra Yoga

Chakra Yoga is an ongoing series that dedicates each week to a specific chakra with intention of breathing life and energy into the chakra and learning about the physical and emotional issues to which it is connected. For example, The Heart Chakra class will focus on cultivating unconditional love, compassion, and joy as well as opening and strengthening the chest and upper back. This is a gentle class and open to all levels. 
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Holly Hay


body intelligence training seattle dreamclinic massage seattle

Body Intelligence Training

Dreamclinic Roosevelt

Seminar 3     Sept 14-18     9:30am – 5:30pm
Seminar 4     Nov 9-13     9:30am – 5:30pm

Register Now

Cost $9444 – 3 Payment Options:
1 –  Deposit $944 Balance $8,025 due after 1st seminar
2 –  Three Installments of $2833
3 –  Eighteen Installments of $495

2 Year Practitioner Course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Learn More

PLEASE NOTE: Participants can attend the first seminar without committing to the full course. This seminar is an introduction into basic contact skills and relating to biodynamic movements and will provide an opportunity to experience the approach and appreciate the extent of the curriculum.